AFNIC – Relaunch of registration “.fr” for one and two characters.

Hello Dear Client (s)

Today at noon was the hour when AFNIC passed the registration of domain 1 and 2 characters almost 100EUR to 5000EUR to anyone wishing to purchase a domain.

About 15 minutes after starting, all available domains were registered automatically by a registrar office specialized in the resale auctions.

AFNIC is currently conducting an investigation to verify the legitimacy of these records and it should give an official announcement tomorrow at noon. (10 March 2014)

The latest unofficial information about this, speak of a release of these areas in the coming hours and that these domains should be available of repurchase Wednesday, March 11 at noon again.

If you want to register your domains through PlanetHoster, you can do so here.


Update: 10 Mars 2015:

List of domains available Wednesday, March 11 at 15h (Paris time):–2-car.pdf

Opening 1 & 2 characters in .fr: 311 domain names made available again 11/03

As part of the opening of domain name registrations in .com 1 and 2 character (s) in Landrush phase, AFNIC has detected a runaway records in the last half hour passage billing phase 100 euros excluding VAT, or between 11:30 and 11:59.

Following a survey of registrars who carried out these requests, AFNIC found that 311 domain names were registered and costs 5000 euros HT before the transition to charging 100 euros HT, and the offices ‘contacted record indicates that this is a technical error.

Since these deposits are an obvious obstacle, access to all the registration of these domain names will be the subject of a specific provision release Wednesday, March 11 at 3pm Paris time. The list of domain names involved will be published on the website of AFNIC 7pm before date Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

Moreover, this incident that disrupted the smooth opening of the program 1 & 2 characters, AFNIC decided to sanction the registrars concerned by, as of this date, the suspension of their contract Registration until Tuesday, March 17 at 16h Paris time, excluding the fact of participation at the end of the opening of domain names 1 and 2 character (s).


Afnic Client Services

Update: 11 March 2015

We have, to date, successfully saved two domain names with 1 character and 4 domain names with two characters:

Our company is one of the first web hosting company in this ranking.

PlanetHoster : 6
OVH : 4
MailClub: 4

We thank you for your trust, customers who ordered a domain name and not on this list will be refunded within 24 / 48hours.


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