Arrival of PHP 7 at PlanetHoster

Today is the arrival of the PHP Version 7 and after 13 revisions (Alpha / Beta / Release-Candidate). This is a major event for the PHP community (hosts and users alike) using this programming language.

PlanetHoster since mid-June followed very closely the evolution of this new PHP runtime that has been greatly cleaned up and which offers more than 25-70% more performance compared to the current version of PHP ie PHP5.6.

Technically, Zend wanted to compete with the system used by Facebook HHVM. Tests show relatively similar performance center both systems (PHPNG).

You should see the emergence of this new version in your cPanel under the icon “Select a version of PHP”

You simply choose PHP 7 and save your configuration:




The current version of the core PHP 5 should disappear in the coming years and will no longer be supported the end of 2017. That leaves us two years before it is obsolete.

Some changes in this version are:


  • ASP ratings were suppressed (<% and%> or <script language = “php”>).
  • The functions of ereg_ kind are replaced by preg_ *
  • The mysql_connect connections are not possible, you must now usePDO or MySQLi.

So if you need more performance we invite you to upgrade to this version. Or to verify that your CMS is perfectly compatible with the next update of the stable version.



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