Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of PlanetBoost

Account of an exclusive partnership with DareBoost, PlanetHoster will soon celebrate the anniversary of its famous website performance analysis tool: PlanetBoost!


Through this agreement with DareBoost, users of PlanetHoster’s shared hosting shared/e-commerce and reseller accounts, can use the tool PlanetBoost free, in order to perform their own online website performance analysis, and directly from their PlanetHoster cPanel account.

Lately, more than 6000 tests were generated by customer PlanetHoster. This value-added analysis tool provides dozens of simple to understand and effective optimization tips to monitor the performance of their website.



Test, analyze and optimize your website


PlanetBoost is powered by an excellent leader in web performance: DareBoost! Besides being free and included in the shared hosting plans, PlanetBoost provides, a few clicks away, a large number of tricks to make your website more secure, faster and more efficient compared to the websites of your competitors. What’s better than that!?

To read the announcement of this partnership: https://blog.planethoster.com/en/exclusive-partnership-between-planethoster-and-dareboost/


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