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The 2 participants who have achieved the second and third best scores will win a credit from PlanetHoster of 500 euros (748 $CAD) and 250 euros (374 $CAD) respectively.

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Start our quiz on Cybersecurity

Viruses, hackers, social networks... Cybersecurity is an essential element for your personal data as well as for your website. But to properly secure your information and web pages, you need to have knowledge of cybersecurity! And to find out if you are sufficiently informed, all you need to do is take our quiz!

Attention : The right answers count but so does time! The winners will be the three participants who achieved the highest scores with the best time.

Good luck!

Start the Quiz

Quiz: Test your cybersecurity knowledge and win your first Christmas gift!

question 1

1. What is Ransomware?

  • A: A software that encrypts your files and computer data to retain them by hostage. To regain control of your device, the hacker asks you for a sum of money in return.
  • B: Malicious people who encourage you to visit web pages and unknowingly clicking on a malicious script or entering your identification information.
  • C: Attacks that neutralize an online service or website by swapping it with activities from hundreds or thousands of computers on a botnet.
question 2

2. What is a Black Hat?

  • A: A hacker who violates networks or computers, or creates computer viruses for malicious purposes.
  • B: The name of a virus that attacks mailboxes.
  • C: A fraudulent website from the Dark Web.
question 3

3. What is the main source of a cyber attack?

  • A: Social networks
  • B: Your mailbox
  • C: The forums
question 4

4. Why switch your site to HTTPS?

  • A: To secure your website
  • B: To make your website faster
  • C: To hide your website
question 5

5. This fall, how many Facebook user accounts were hacked?

  • A: 240,000 accounts
  • B: 78 million accounts
  • C: 29 million accounts
question 6

6. Which country is most vulnerable to cyber attacks?

  • A: USA
  • B: Cambodia
  • C: France
question 7

7. What is the name of the first Internet virus discovered?

  • B: Michelangelo
  • C: Freak
question 8

8. Your device saves by default the different WI-FI on which you are connected, what is the worst danger you face?

  • A: Continue to disclose personal information.
  • B: Getting trapped by a hacker.
  • C: Getting geolocated.
question 9

9. How can you secure your mailbox?

  • A: By using a password already used
  • B: By deleting spam
  • C: By activating a double authentication like Google Authenticator
question 10

10. How many connected French people have been victims of a cyber attack in 2017 ?

  • A: 67%
  • B: 58%
  • C: 42%