Exclusive partnership between PlanetHoster and DareBoost

PlanetHoster is proud to present today, a winning partnership with one of the performance leaders in WEB namely DareBoost.



This service aims to analyze the quality of your web pages very quickly on a number of criteria / important points. This will allow you to quickly optimize your CMS in different categories such as SEO, security, compatibility, data volume/requests of numbers … By analyzing your site, DareBoost reveals a hefty tool to compare your progress and impact compared to your competitors.

For several years now, PlanetHoster makes a point of honor to guarantee its customers a service at the cutting edge of technology and scalable. This is why starting now, PlanetHoster shared hosting plans have the ability to perform this analysis for free online, and directly from your cPanel account:




The icon to access this page is in your PlanetHoster shared hosting cPanel under the “Measures” tab icon “PlanetBoost / SEO”;




You will find a lot of tips to make your website more secure, faster and this with a number of good practices very well explained.





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