PlanetHoster Christmas Contest Game



PlanetHoster, whose registered office is located at 4416 Rue Louis-B.-Mayer, Laval, QC H7P 0G, Quebec, Canada.

Organizes from December 3, 2018 to December 26, 2018 a free game without obligation to purchase entitled: “PlanetHoster Christmas Contest”, according to the terms and conditions described in these rules.

This operation is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple or Microsoft.


This free game is open to all PlanetHoster customers who are natural persons over 13 years of age, with Internet access and a valid e-mail address, except for the staff of the organising company and their families, as well as all persons who participated in the development of the game.

The game is subject to the rules of Canadian law applicable to games and contests. Any minor participant must nevertheless obtain the prior authorization of one of his parents or legal guardian to participate in the Game.

The organising company may ask any minor participant to provide proof of this authorisation and, where applicable, disqualify a participant who cannot provide proof of this authorisation.

The organising company may ask any minor winner to provide proof of this authorisation relating to their participation in the Contest. The organising company reserves the right to draw an alternative winner at random if an initial winner, if a minor, is unable to provide sufficient proof of such authorisation. The mere fact of participating in this game implies the pure and simple acceptance, without reservation, of these rules.


This game takes place exclusively on the PlanetHoster blog and PlanetHoster’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

This PlanetHoster game is open on the dates indicated in article 1. Participation in the game is reserved for PlanetHoster customers only. It is done by liking the post entitled: Christmas Contest: PlanetHoster offers you the new iPad Pro! on PlanetHoster’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Then participants must indicate on the footer of their website, their pride in being hosted by a web host by a written motion and the integration of the PlanetHoster logo with a hyperlink to the PlanetHoster website. Finally, participants must participate in the quiz published on the PlanetHoster blog entitled: Quiz: Test your cybersecurity knowledge and win your first Christmas gift!

There is only one entry per person -the same first name, surname, email address or Facebook ID -during the entire game period.

As the game is accessible on the Facebook and Twitter platform, Facebook and Twitter will under no circumstances be held liable in the event of any dispute related to the Game. Facebook and Twitter are neither the organizers nor sponsors of the operation.


The winner of the iPad Pro will be the participant with the highest quiz score as soon as possible. Two other participants who have achieved the second and third best scores in the quiz as quickly as possible will win credits from PlanetHoster, the amount of which will depend on their ranking. (The higher the ranking, the more advantageous the credit will be). In the event of a tie between the first two, the winner will be drawn by lot. Winners will be contacted within seven days of the draw, confirming the nature of the prize won and how to benefit from it. Any winner who does not reply within 30 days of notification of his or her prize will bedeemed to have forfeited it and the prize will be awarded to a new winner.

The draw will determine the first winner among the participants who have achieved the same quiz score in the same time.


The game has the following prizes, awarded to valid winners. Each winner wins a single prize.

List of batches :

● An iPad Pro worth 834 euros (1 248 $CAD) and credits of 500 euros (748 $CAD) and 250 euros (374 $CAD) at PlanetHoster.

The organizing company reserves the right to verify the age of any winner before awarding his prize. Endowments may under no circumstances be exchanged for their cash value or for any other endowment. The organising company cannot be held liable for the use or non-use, or even trading, of the prizes by the winners. In the event of force majeure, the organising company reserves the right to replace the prize won by a prize of equivalent nature and value.

Participants authorize the verification of their identity. Failure to comply with this Regulation


Any fraud or attempted fraud, whatever its form, will result in the pure and simple elimination of the perpetrator’s participation.


Participants in this game accept all of these rules.