How to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website? – Capsule #1

We all work hard to increase the SEO of our website. SEO gains increase the visibility of our website. For a blog, it helps to increase brand awareness and advertising income. For a merchant (e-commerce site), it helps reduce marketing costs and increase turnover.

Did you know that there are simple and easy ways to increase SEO of the website?

Here are some tips recommended by PlanetHoster:

1- First, simply renew the primary domain name of your at least 5 years to a website.

This tells search engines that you are serious and that your website is here to stay. Your ranking becomes higher than a website with a domain name registered for a number of years lower.

To renew a domain name with PlanetHoster, simply log on to the customer area. Under the “domain” tab, you can access the management and so choose a renewal of 5 years or more.

2. Second, install an SSL certificate and force the use of https.

In the past, we have already indicated the multiple benefits of SSL certificates. Remember that our website will get a better ranking if all pages are https.

We invite you to visit our range of SSL certificates from 45 euros ($ 74.25) per year. Our technical team can handle the installation of the SSL certificate for you.

Follow us for our next capsules tips on SEO. Meanwhile, here are a few promotions available at PlanetHoster:

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