Hundreds of IP addresses… Why not?

When managing a network of websites, it can be worthwhile to show Google that they are not “linked.”

One way to achieve this is to have a different IP address for each website, preferably with different class C designations, and better yet, using different AS paths

Why not?

At PlanetHoster, we have combined SEO with performance and visibility.

I am happy to make the exclusive announcement that very soon, PlanetHoster will offer a pool of 500–1,000 unique IPs, regardless of your hosting solution (World, Multi-World, HybridCloud, Dedicated Server, VPS!). All this is 100% free 😉

We call it => Range by PlanetHoster (IPExtension)

As you already know, PlanteHoster, which is based in Paris and Montreal, owns its own infrastructure (network, servers, and much more). To offer a pool of hundreds of IP addresses, we have combined several IP ranges from our French and Canadian facilities, providing us with roughly 20 different C class designations.

And thanks to our various partners, we were also able to obtain several IP addresses from different AS paths (completely separate from PH).

Finally, we added approximately thirty exclusive PH Anycast IPs. In addition to enhanced SEO, you will see improved performance, as your site may be simultaneously hosted on servers in France and Canada.

In short, you get, free of charge:

  • PlanetHoster FR and CA IPs with 20 different C class designations
  • Different AS IP partners (separate from PH)
  • PlanetHoster AnyCast IPs

We have combined the strengths of our infrastructure to offer you more and allow you to choose your website’s own IP address.

In concrete terms, with our products:

  • World -> shared (unlimited sites), each site can have a unique IP
  • Multi-World -> isolated environment for each site, each site can have a unique IP
  • HybridCloud -> Dedicated environment, WHM plugin + cPanel provided (each site can have a unique IP)

Example of available IPs:
(… more than 500)

Example of a site running on the new IPExtension (Range by PlanetHoster)

PHP Info:

PHP Info:

Site management will be made much simpler with World Panel, cPanel, and WHM

Would you like to take part in the beta?

Send an email to and mention on which PH service you would like to activate it


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