(Completed) Phishing – phishing – E-mail PlanetHoster

A maintenance is scheduled at 17/11/2020 (10:45:00) EST (17/11/2020 (16:45:00) CET)




We would like to take a few moments to inform you to re-double your caution when surfing the Web.

Indeed, some fraudulent emails ask you within a short period of time to renew domain names or PlanetHoster services. We invite you to check that the web address on your browser is the one of PlanetHoster ( https://my.planethoster.com ). Some phishing are very sophisticated and can be confusing even to web experts. To avoid any risk, it is preferable to simply go to the official PlanetHoster website directly rather than clicking on a url. If you think you have clicked on a phishing email (and entered confidential information), we invite you to change your password as soon as possible as a preventive measure.

Also, some users wonder how a malicious person could have contacted them. In fact, malicious bots are constantly scanning the Web for email addresses and using them to send them phishing attempts of all kinds (Google, eBay, PayPal etc…). This makes sure that even people who are not PlanetHoster customers have received a PlanetHoster phishing email!

Anyway, rest assured that your email address is safe with PlanetHoster. In addition to the various internal security systems, we have a security program in the form of a “Bounty”: https://bugcrowd.com/planethosterinc which allows security experts to test our installations.

Also, we offer PlanetHoster customers the possibility to activate dual authentication and/or restrict their account to a fixed ip address (for free!). We strongly recommend that you use them.

Thank you for your trust.

Best regards,
PlanetHoster team