Quebec’s new web address (GEOTLD .QUEBEC)

Did you know that the .QUEBEC is the distinctive new suffix GeoTLD such as .PARIS mark our identity on the web, created by the non-profit organization PointQuébec?

Few provinces, states or cities that have got their own GeoTLD. The .QUEBEC is the only Canadian among the six GeoTLDs throughout the Americas!

Discover the world map of new GeoTLD

With an address .QUEBEC, targeted users are much more easily, locally and globally your business, your website and your content to search engines.

Indeed, the .QUEBEC allows you to locate you geographically even your web address.
For example:


  1. Allows a better ranking on search engines;
  2. Indicates the location of your business directly to the web address;
  3. Provides greater availability of keywords;
  4. Helps protect your brand on the Web;
  5. Can attract more visitors to your website.

You want to save your .QUEBEC? Trust PlanetHoster!

PlanetHoster is the only Quebec company to hold the ICANN certification, which in particular to the domain name registration which .QUEBEC extension, without any intermediary offering you the best price on the market.

To check the availability of your Web .QUEBEC address, please visit the following link:


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