What hides behind the blog!

Curious? We all are to some degree 🙂

You find the Planethoster blog very fast and wonder what machine hosts it? We have the answer for you!

It is no mystery and it is very affordable 🙂

A VPS Plan 3 equipped with Litespeed Enterprise and Percona.



We can guarantee you that this setup outperforms several “big” dedicated servers. Your WordPress blog, online store or another will be much faster with this setup in question than with the cheap dedicated servers you can find at the competition. Why? Simply because it is managed from A to Z by our experienced technicians (we optimizes and secure your machine), in addition to being a high-speed infrastructure (100% RAID10 SSD)! You will not have to worry about managing your server, it will be like on a shared 🙂


You want the same setup? No problem, our technicians will take care of it for you! Here is a detailed description:

VPS Plan 3: 44.99 euros
Litespeed Entreprise: 25 euros
Percona: free
Total: 69.99 euros


And your blog will be faster than ever with our 100% SSD VPS infrastructure in RAID10. Starting from plan 3, our VPS’ come with managed servicing and cPanel. In short, the management seems like a shared, and our technicians take care of everything for you! Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested



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