What’s new in 2021 – Welcome to the N0C Hosting Platform

 3 May 2022

At PlanetHoster, our primary mission has always been to offer the best in web hosting and domain names. Indeed, PlanetHoster, in addition to being an ICANN-accredited registrar and directly offering over 200 ccTLD, gTLD and more, manages the web hosting infrastructure from A to Z. We have always put Open Source as a priority. In this sense, we are one of the first contributors (sponsor) of Let’s Encrypt. This is a certification authority for the SSL/TLS protocols. They secure today about 260 million websites and it is Open Source :)! We a


Intro to HTML 101

 7 October 2020

Hypertext Markup Language makes up the ‘skeleton’ of most websites on the internet. Web developers currently use the version known