(Completed) Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Incident

Our technical team solved this incident.
Stated at: 24/09/2019 (09:45:00) EST (24/09/2019 (15:45:00) CET)
Solved at: 25/09/2019 (10:59:47) EST (25/09/2019 (16:59:47) CET)



Good morning all,

This message is to inform you that the SSL provider’s internal system Let’s Encrypt is experiencing difficulties. The installation and renewal of SSL certificates can be affected.

For information, this may affect HTTPS access to the site and POP3S/IMAPS and SMTPS used for e-mails.

Workarround: we are able on request to temporarily switch the server to another on-demand certificate provider namely Sectigo.

Yours truly.