(Completed) Node 202 – Montreal – Canada – Work in progress

Our technical team solved this incident.
Stated at: 24/10/2019 (22:00:00) EST (25/10/2019 (04:00:00) CET)
Solved at: 27/10/2019 (08:02:18) EST (27/10/2019 (14:02:18) CET)



Work is underway on the Node 202 infrastructure in Montreal, Canada.

Here are the affected servers: vps290.ns.planethoster.net vps316.ns.planethoster.net vps327.ns.planethoster.net vps607.ns.planethoster.net vps685.ns.planethoster.net vps718.ns.planethoster.net vps764.ns.planethoster.net vps930.ns.planethoster.net vps1232.ns.planethoster.net vps1519.ns.planethoster.net vps1554.ns.planethoster.net vps1582.ns.planethoster.net vps1588.ns.planethoster.net vps1613.ns.planethoster.net

Corrupted data affects the proper functioning of various system partitions.

Update: The PlanetHoster team works directly with the clients concerned.

We thank you for your cooperation in this particular situation.