(Completed) Work in progress – Node 202 – Montreal – Canada

Our technical team solved this incident.
Stated at: 24/10/2019 (21:45:00) EST (25/10/2019 (03:45:00) CET)
Solved at: 24/10/2019 (21:55:39) EST (25/10/2019 (03:55:39) CET)



Work is underway on the Node 202 infrastructure in Montreal, Canada.

Here are the affected servers: vps290.ns.planethoster.net vps316.ns.planethoster.net vps327.ns.planethoster.net vps607.ns.planethoster.net vps685.ns.planethoster.net vps718.ns.planethoster.net vps764.ns.planethoster.net vps930.ns.planethoster.net vps1232.ns.planethoster.net vps1519.ns.planethoster.net vps1554.ns.planethoster.net vps1582.ns.planethoster.net vps1588.ns.planethoster.net vps1613.ns.planethoster.net

Corrupted data affects the proper functioning of various system partitions.

We thank you for your cooperation in this particular situation.