5 Ways to Get New Traffic from Your Old Blog Posts

If time doesn’t allow you to update your blog with fresh, new content every day, don’t fret. It is possible to bring in new traffic with old content, if you know how to make the most of those older posts.



1. Respond to Comments



It sounds like a no-brainer that you should pay attention to the comments section. However, many bloggers like to write a blog post, publish it, and then forget about it. This is a mistake.

If you look at the comments section of almost any blog, you will see a lot of great ideas being exchanged among the readers. Actively participating in that discussion will build trust with your readers, which in return will attract them to back your site, over and over.

You can also gain insight into topics for new blog posts from the comments section of your old posts. If a blog reader has a question or a suggestion, incorporate that into a future blog post, then notify them when you’ve written it.



2. Analyze Feedback from Visitors



If your comments section is a little quiet, ask readers directly for their feedback. Include a suggestions link at the bottom of each post, asking readers what they would like you to write about next. It’s a surefire way to keep those readers coming back to see if you’ve written on their topic.

Monitor the site analytics for your blog, especially the ones that deal with the actions of users. This will give you an overview of the preferences of your visitors. Pay particular attention to posts that have the highest engagement rate – the ones with the longest visit times or most social media shares. These are the types of posts your readers like best, and will get you the most traffic.



3. Use Retargeting



Have you ever been browsing Google, researching a certain topic, and days later, there are ads showing up on sites you visit that follow the same theme? This is retargeting. You can use this same concept to bring visitors back to your blog. Join several retargeting ad networks. All you need to do is add the code to your blog, and the network takes care of the rest, displaying reminders to visit your blog to past readers.



4. Add Passive Income Links



You can, and should, expand your blog’s traffic beyond your business. For example, if you are a photographer, you can include affiliate links in your posts that are related to photography products or services. Amazon is an easy place to start.

Another way to expand your traffic into more profit is by partnering with similar companies. Contact related businesses and ask them if they’d like you to write a post about them, in exchange for commissions on referrals.



5. Have a Link Sharing System



People love to share things on social media. Make it simple for them to share your posts. This is one of the easiest, and fastest, ways to see an influx of new traffic to your blog.

Add share and like buttons to each post on your blog. There are a number of free add-ons that will do this automatically for both your old and new posts. Do a quick Google search and pick one.

Offer to link to other blogs on similar topics as yours, in exchange for them linking to your blog. A link exchange with several like-minded blogs can bring you lots of interested new visitors, and can boost your rankings in the search engines, for even more traffic.

You don’t have to be a typing machine, constantly churning out new blog posts, to attract more traffic. Try the tips above and make the most of what you’ve already written.


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