Become a Web Hosting Provider With PlanetHoster’s Reseller Package – Multi-World Platform

Since its inception, our company is committed to providing state-of-the-art technologies in web hosting services. We also value product simplicity in order to reach a maximum number of people.

Our services are divided into three categories:

  1. Premium Professional Shared Hosting Package: World Platform
  2. Reseller Package: Multi-World Platform
  3. Dedicated Server: HybridCloud

This article outlines how the Multi-World Platform came to be, from the original Reseller Package to its current iteration.

1- Former Reseller Package – Brief Summary

Initially, there were 3 distinct Reseller packages. The key difference was in the amount of disk space:

  • Reseller Package 30 GB
  • Reseller Package 50 GB
  • Semi-Dedicated Reseller Package 100 GB

All three packages enabled WHM access (See WHM Demo) required for the creation of cPanel accounts. We recommend that each website has its own cPanel account to ensure proper data isolation. For example, a single data breach caused by a WordPress plugin will have no impact on other clients. This is particularly relevant when considering the online reputation of clients for which you are accountable.

TO BE AVOIDED: Having multiple different websites on a shared hosting.

With Reseller packages 50 GB and up, a WHMCS license was included to enable computerized billing and activation systems. The software allowed for the sale of both hosting services and domain names. Furthermore, an online PlanetHoster WHMCS Module is provided which allows for the sale of domain names.

Former Reseller Package – Drawbacks

  1. Accounts were all located within a single infrastructure. In the rare event of a technical problem, all clients would be impacted.
  2. The package did not provide for a diversity of IP addresses, which adversely affects referencing in search engines.
  3. Emailing was limited to a single PlanetHoster verified IP address.

Here’s a video of the former package, for old times’ sake :

For multiple years, Reseller packages allowed for hundreds of resellers to provide high-performance services to their clients. But technology is ever changing at a rapid pace. The time has now come to give way to the new Multi-World Platform.

2- Who Is the Multi-World Platform Intended for?

The Multi-World package was designed for Web and SEO agencies as well as owners of several low/medium traffic websites. The intended clientele remains essentially the same as that of the former Reseller package.

See World Platform demo:

As with the majority of our products, cPanel control panel is available for use. Once access to the platform control panel has been established, simply press the cPanel icon (upper right of the screen). This new control panel gives access to exclusive services and technologies.

3- Multi-World Platform – Advantages

  1. We have previously outlined the importance of isolating each website to optimize data security.
  • This is a basic feature of the Multi-World Platform.
  • It allows for maximum data security for all your clients.

  1. Accounts are created within an independent infrastructure.
  • This feature also improves redundancy and performance. In the rare event of a technical difficulty, only a small amount of clients would be impacted. It is possible to monitor performance at any given time through PlanetHoster‘s monitoring system.

  1. Select Location: choose France or Canada during account creation process.

  1. Each account has a different IP address in order to optimize referencing.

  1. Unlike previous products, disk space is no longer limited. Please note that hosting services are designed for peak performance and not massive data storage.

  1. All features of the World Platform included: free and unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, 4 programming languages supported (PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js).

  1. No external software required. PlanetHoster’s user interface (Client Area) makes for easy account management.client-area-planethoster-english
  2. Accounts are upgradeable (CPU, RAM and Disk Write I/O Speed) for maximum flexibility.webhosting-upgrade

4- Hosting Service Provider – Getting Started

We made a Facebook Live video showcasing the new Multi-World Platform and how to use it (French only, please switch on the sound).

5- Special Offer To Existing Clients

  • PlanetHoster takes great pride in providing clients with the latest technology. We offer our existing clients the opportunity to experience the Multi-World Package for a whole month, free of charge.

6- Is It Possible To Replicate the Environment of a Former Reseller Package To a HybridCloud Dedicated Server?

Most certainly. The HybridCloud Package was designed to be fully customizable to satisfy even the most specific needs.

Note that PlanetHoster dedicated servers enable administrative access to WHM panel required for cPanel accounts.

For customers interested in:

  1. Maximum performance
  2. An unlimited number of cPanel accounts.
  3. Unlimited storage option for their clients (interesting with WHM packages).
  4. Customizable cPanel theme
  5. Possible use of WHMCS
  6. Unlimited Let’sEncrypt SSL Certificates.
  7. Dedicated firewall
  8. 24/7 managed hosting services
  9. Infinitely upgradeable CPU and RAM resources
  10. Additional customization available for installation

We recommend the use of a HybridCloud Package

  • Existing clients with active Reseller Package are entitled to a special rate for the first six monthsof a HybridCloud Package including managed hosting services.

Additional Information

NEW: For full documentation, see:

Upon request, we will gladly produce tutorials dealing with frequently asked questions.

***IMPORTANT – Partnership with WHMCS expires on December 31, 2017. Clients that were granted a free license under the former Reseller plan will have to obtain a new license directly from The WHMCS team will be happy to provide you with technical support and updates required for data security.


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