Discount of the NHL playoffs.

It has come the time when flowers bloom, where good weather dazzled us and the women are beautiful, but especially the time of this titanic struggle led by the warriors of modern times, dressed in blue, white and red. Armed only with a stick, they represent our nation in this confrontation more virile, those glorious fighters who move on thin blades to the speed of the great northern winds, try to win this cup worthy for our pleasure and fun.

If you have not already understood, I mean our brave Montreal Canadiens, who begin Wednesday their paths on the tumultuous roads of the playoffs of the National Hockey League, to be delivered the Holy Grail of sports achievements, the Stanley Cup. This battle will not be easy, but “nos glorieux”, led by master Carey Price, will not let themselves be imposed and are confident that this year will finally be the one that will crown the true beneficiaries of this title of the best global team, our courageous habs.

To demonstrate our belonging to our beloved Canadians, we offer all our future customers a 25% discount on all accommodations hosted in Canada with the promotional code GOHABSGO, the validity of this code will continue until the conquest of flamboyant Cup. Also as we are of a generous nature and also force to assist the fate of our glorious, we will offer a free domain in *. ca for an hour immediately after the victory of CH if they have scored 5 goals or more with Promo Code 5BUTSHABS

For the duration of the series, you can also transfer all your domains. ca free at PlanetHoster with the promotional code GOPHPOINTCA

*Maximum of 1 domain per account, limited quantity.


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