.inc Means Business

Your domain is not just your web address, it is the first thing people see and type into their browser to find you. It is the digital address that represents your brand. Make sure that your domain name is the best representation of your brand.

First impressions matter. Show the world that you mean business with a .inc domain.

Own Your Exact Match

The best domain names are ones that amplify your brand instead of detract from it. Keeping your brand and domain all with the same name allows for a cohesive representation and digital address for your brand.

Many businesses find the perfect name for their brand and then struggle to find the matching domain. When looking for a domain name in saturated extensions businesses are compromising their domain name by adding extra words or characters, this can lead to issues like brand name confusion. For example, Collab Inc. originally used the domain name collabcreators.com and were suffering from brand name confusion. Fortunately, they were able to solve the problem when .inc launched and were able to transition to collab.inc – the exact match to their brand name.

If you want to go the extra step of having your matching domain match all your social media handles, try the .inc Domains Social Media Username Checker to see if the handles you want are available.

.inc Means Business

The suffix “inc”, short for incorporated, is already the ending of millions of business names around the world. The “inc” ending reads as a formal business, trustworthy and professional. The international recognition gives an inherent familiarity and respect to these 3 letters. For example Ren, a global business working to improve companies supply chain carbon footprint, shortened and upgraded their domain from renenergyglobal.com to ren.inc

Ideal for International Businesses

With all 2-letter domain extensions allocated to country codes, (ie: .io for Indian Ocean, .co for Columbia), 3-letter TLDs are the shortest option available. Using a gTLD like .inc can help improve international reach and avoid any restrictions that may be placed on category specific TLDs. Olivier.inc was purchased by a drilling company based out of the Netherlands as an upgrade from olivierindustrie.be.

You do not need to be legally incorporated to secure a .inc domain. Countries like Japan, where incorporation isn’t a standard type of business formation have been one of the biggest adopters of the .inc extension as it engenders an international understanding of business.

Build Trust & Brand Safety Online

Matching your domain name to your business names helps engender trust. Avoid cyber security threats by securing the exact match domain. When your domain exactly matches your company name or brand, it makes it easy for customers to find you. Some companies use prefixes in their domain like get- or hello- because the exact match .com was no longer available when they purchased their domain. Every domain name is one-of-a-kind, which means you can keep your brand identity separate from other businesses. Make sure that when someone is searching for your business they find you.

Save Time and Money

Phishing attacks and cyber threats are increasingly popular and detrimental to businesses today. Imagine your customer or client receives a malicious email from BrandName.inc, if your company name is Brand Name Inc. that exact match to your brand name gives instant credibility and respect. Avoid costly legal battles, and the financial burden from brand perception that may come from a cyber attack. Taking simple steps like securing a strong domain portfolio can help increase brand safety and save time and money down the line.

How to Use Your .inc Domain

Larger companies with a bigger digital presence typically have a domain name strategy that involves cyber security. That doesn’t mean that those names need to sit empty. With .inc being a common suffix for businesses this is a great opportunity to make your domains work for you to maximize your digital footprint.

  • Main Website: If you are looking for the upgrade to own the exact name of your business, or are in the process of rebranding, .inc domains work well for your main site. Self Inc., originally selflender.com, rebranded and launched with the short and powerful self.inc.
  • Marketing Landing Page: With .inc you can find clever domain names that would work well for unique campaigns that are short, memorable and mobile friendly. 
  • Industry Keyword: Keyword domains are incredibly powerful but also can be very expensive in the competitive aftermarket. With .inc you can secure the keyword your business revolves around with the extension that means business.
  • Investor Relations: Make a specific domain for all your investors’ content. Docebo Inc secured docebo.inc when they originally went public to house all their investor related specific content. This doubled up as brand protection and a clean professional address for their investors.
  • Stock Profile:  Secure your stock ticker symbol and have a page you own to control how you display information about your company, your stock performance and news.

When your domain and brand are aligned, you stand out from the competition and customers can easily find you. With a .inc domain, you can get the domain name that is a professional representation of your brand and business. Users and customers immediately recognize your domain name as a trusted business, not just a personal website. This gives your business an instant boost in credibility. Find a domain name here that is a perfect match for your business and make your website easily searchable.

How to Search and Buy a .inc Domain

Find a domain name here that’s perfect for your business, and make your website easily searchable.

Please enter your domain in the conversion form field next to the .inc extension and click on the Search button:


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