Migration to World starts today!

As promised, starting today we are implementing the upgrade reserved exclusively for our hosted sites still on old plans. To thank you for your loyalty, we are offering you a free upgrade to World which represents the best value for money!

PlanetHoster’s World platform is now more than two years old. It is a stable, powerful and highly innovative platform. I had already promised you to upgrade old plans to World at the start of 2017; however, I opted to delay this upgrade to ensure that the platform was fully mature. Today I am proud to inform you that the platform is the best ever and that we are ready to welcome you, as we are now able to cater for even the most stringent demands. For those of you who want to find out more, please see our live demo at https://go.planethoster.net/demo-world/.

World is a unique hosting solution that can be customized for your brand and to meet your needs. We have preconfigured three of the most popular configurations: World, World Plus, World Mega. But you still have the option to have a fully customized plan!

The customizable elements are: CPU, RAM, DISK I/O and number of sites.

Presentation of three featured plans – World

Presentation of three featured plans – World web hosting

All other elements are included with no additional fees!

The standard features are: unlimited SSD disk, unlimited bandwidth, MariaDB, HTTP/2, multiple languages (PHP, Python, RoR and Node.js), smart CMS platform (to optimize your WordPress, Joomla!, PrestaShop apps), unlimited SSL, unlimited email accounts, R1Soft, SSH access, SEO tools, etc. This offer also includes SiteBuilder with unlimited pages for free.

If you can’t decide among our many hosting solutions (World, Multi-World and HybridCloud), please consult our comparison chart at https://kb.planethoster.com/en/guide/technical-advice/faq/the-world-vs-hybridcloud/.

All in all, this is the best value for money on the market today. The loading time for your website or app will be greatly improved with increased security making it possible to click on the site with no downtime!

Here is a list of our former plans that are eligible for an upgrade to the new World platform with a similar configuration to World (prices include taxes):

  • Hybrid Mono (€72 p.a.) => World (€72 p.a.)
  • Hybrid Multi (€96 p.a.) => World Plus (€96 p.a.)
  • Hybrid Unlimited (€144 p.a.) => World Mega (€144 p.a.)

To customers who have plans predating 2012, we will be offering you an individual special discount, so please contact us:

  • Essential Plan (€36 p.a.) => World
  • Personal Plan (€36 p.a.) => World
  • Performance Plan (€72 p.a.) => World Plus
  • Enterprise Plan (€72 p.a.) => World Plus
  • Unlimited Plan (€132 p.a.) => World Mega

To offer you more transparency, I am also including a price list of World configurations with different billing cycles:

World Price List – (prices include taxes)

World Price List – (prices include taxes)

You can choose several billing cycles under no obligation: six months, one year, two years or three years. All options are without obligation. As you can see, our subscription rates are highly advantageous. We even include the domain in the price.

To thank you for your loyalty, the upgrade is free, and migration will be performed by our experienced technicians. Once you have requested migration, our team will contact you to arrange a convenient time for migration and to ensure that everything is done as transparently as possible.

For more information about World, please refer to the official page: https://www.planethoster.com/en/World-Hosting.

To request migration, go to the PlanetHoster Client Area Login (my.planethoster.net/en/login) => My Services => My Hosting where you will see the following option:

Screenshot of Client Area to upgrade old plan to World

Screenshot of Client Area to upgrade old plan to World

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for choosing PlanetHoster.


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