Register, transfer and renew New domain name for Belgium – .BRUSSELS et .VLAANDEREN

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we now offer the registration of new GeoTLDs extensions of Belgium:

  1. yoursite.BRUSSELS
  2. yoursite.VLAANDEREN

Let it be know that these new domain extensions that are associated with geographic locations have a unique status and are called extensions or geographic GeoTLDs.

Since these extensions allow your website to be located geographically right in your web address
(Eg restaurantabc.BRUSSELS), this provides a real advantage over traditional domain names such as .com or

Indeed, the Geo TLDs offer digital spaces where target users more easily find your website in the search results.

In short, here are the benefits of an extension as .BRUSSELS or .VLAANDEREN:

  • Provides greater availability of keywords compared to .com and .fr;

  • Allows the display location of your business directly on this web address which implies a better ranking on search engines such as Google;

  • Can increase the interest among local and foreign visitors to click on your website in the search results (single and attractive extension differing from the lot);

  • Can protect your intellectual property on the Web against possible ill-intentioned competitor wanting to usurp the name of your company.

For your information, several new extensions will be available very soon.




.BRUSSELS: € 25.99 / yr
.VLAANDEREN: € 25.99 / yr

To order your .BRUSSELS ou .VLAANDEREN, we invite to check out our page to order domain names.

For your assistance, we warmly invite you to leave your comment or to communicate with us!


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