PlanetHoster Anycast DNS


PlanetHoster Anycast DNS

New: PlanetHoster is the first French web host to provide Anycast DNS free for all shared hosting solutions, reseller plans, and e-commerce!

What is it?

PlanetHoster set up multiple DNS servers on two continents: Europe and America. Through the addressing technique and the Anycast routing, the visitor is routed to the closest server. This accelerates the speed of your website.


How to take advantage?

It is included free on all shared hosting, reseller plans, and e-commerce. Everything is already in place and online. All is arranged for you and this, transparently. Just make sure that your domain names are using the DNS of PlanetHoster:

In addition to increasing the reliability and stability, the Anycast DNS makes it possible to greatly accelerate the speed of your website.
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