PlanetHoster: Best Web Host of 2023! – Q4 2023

In this fourth blog of 2023, we explain why leading analysts consider PlanetHoster to be the best web hosting this year.

We also talk about the practical support we provide to a number of organisations and events both in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Finally, we outline the latest advances in the development of our suite of web-based tools, and give a sneak preview of the new features that will soon be available to our customers.

Best Web Host of 2023: PlanetHoster Tops the List!

In our ongoing quest to provide reliable and comprehensive information on web hosting solutions, we are delighted to announce that PlanetHoster has been recognised for its outstanding services. In fact, recentlyFutura Science andles10meilleurs (the 10 best), trusted resources for comparing and evaluating various online services, ranked PlanetHoster first among the best web hosting providers in 2023!

PlanetHoster recognized as the best web host in 2023.
PlanetHoster, best web host in 2023!

This recognition stems from our commitment to offering cutting-edge technology, reliable customer support and competitive prices. What’s more, if you want to transfer to us and reduce the risk of errors in the process, we’re here to help you through the transfer and configuration, step by step.


Futura Science has based its recommendation of the 8 best web hosts for 2023 on the following criteria, which are illustrated in a table comparing them with other well-known web hosts around the world:

  • server location (Canada, France and Switzerland);
  • product range (shared, cloud and dedicated);
  • CMS/applications optimised for creating a website: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.);
  • free trials (30-day money-back guarantee and up to 180-day credit);
  • availability of technical support (various forms of communication, including telephone, 7/7 and 24/24);
  • targeted user groups (beginners as well as professionals);
  • PlanetHoster’s own technical features that set us apart from our competitors;
  • a price comparison with other hosting providers.

In the case of The 10 best web hosts in 2023, this extract freely translated from French language speaks for itself: “PlanetHoster’s strong points are numerous and bring together just about everything you’d expect from a quality web host: proactive, easy-to-reach customer support, impeccable site performance, a wide choice of ways to host your site (dedicated, shared, WP-optimised server, etc.). If you are not satisfied with Planethoster’s services, you can even request a refund within 14 days. You can also order and reserve your domain name directly from the hosting provider.

From domain management to shared and dedicated hosting, PlanetHoster is at the forefront. Discover our complete offer on cloud dedicated server and shared web hosting. All these services and tools are always available at very attractive rates, sometimes even free of charge, and you can take advantage of these great offers!


In addition to the many benefits for its customers, PlanetHoster offers a wide range of promotions. For the 2023 holiday season in particular, this one has been highlighted: Celebrating the Holidays with PlanetHoster – Get Involved and Win!.

PlanetHoster promotions best web host and domain name registrar
Celebrating the Holidays with PlanetHoster – Get Involved and Win!

Eventually, we will publish a blog to keep you up to date with our promotions. The article Coupon Code – Discount – Promotion describes some of them.

Support for Organisations

One of PlanetHoster’s core values is to offer practical support to a number of organisations, such as not-for-profit organisations (NPOs). We are also keen to show our support at various events.

Support for French Organisations

WorldCamp Biarritz (October 6, 2023)

PlanetHoster has a long history of active participation in the WordPress community. We’ve supported a number of WorldCamps, including in Paris, Nice, Montreal and Bordeaux, as well as other cities around the world.

PlanetHoster supports technology events, affirming its position as a leader in web hosting
WorldCamp Biarritz

In the same vein, we continued our support by contributing to theBiarritz event on 6 October 2023 as a “Courtisan Partner”.

Support for Canadian Organisations

RDV e/Commerce (October 17, 2023)

PlanetHoster was a bronze partner ofRDV e/Commerce, which took place on October 17.

PlanetHoster supports Canadian organisations such as RDVeCommerce for online businesses, digital players and social media companies.
RDV e/Commerce 2023 is aimed primarily at e-commerce, digital and social media managers from retail and e-merchant companies.

Big Bang 2023 From the Quebec Technology Association (October 24 & 25, 2023)

You are not always 20! 2023 marked the 20th anniversary of the Big Bang of the Quebec Technology Association.

PlanetHoster supports the Quebec Technology Association's Big Bang 2023
Quebec Technology Association (Association québécoise des technologies)

The aim of this annual event is to promote the growth and commercialisation of technologies. By taking part, it allows for those involved in new technologies “to propel your Quebec tech business to new heights of growth and innovation”, in the words of the organisers.


In support of the media, PlanetHoster is a major sponsor ofInfoBref, a summary of important news in the form of a newsletter written in French and sent free of charge to subscribers. PlanetHoster regularly publishes short articles to keep you up to date on our achievements, such as this one:

PlanetHoster is a major sponsor of InfoBref to keep you up to date with technological advances in the world of web development and web design.

InfoBref Matin (InfoBref for the Morning) is sent by e-mail from Monday to Friday to entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who have requested it on theInfoBref website. On Saturdays, they also receive the InfoBref votre argent (InfoBref Your Money) newsletter, which provides advice on personal finance and consumer affairs.

Support for Swiss Organisations

The entire PlanetHoster team would like to extend its warmest congratulations to Blossom, conseil RSE et communication responsable, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications consultancy, on winning the prestigious Cube in the “PLANETHOSTER CSR” category.

Congratulations to Blossom, the CSR and responsible communications consultancy, on winning the prestigious Cube in the "PLANETHOSTER CSR" category.

Supporting and rewarding similar initiatives fills us with pride, especially as the “Impact Learning by Blossom” project perfectly embodies the innovation and social responsibility that we at PlanetHoster encourage. Such a commitment to a sustainable and more conscious future is exemplary, especially as it is the product of hard work and an inspiring innovative vision. This challenges us all as companies to make a difference.

A giant PlanetHoster mouse pad was also donated to the agency.

The official announcement is available at the following link:

Recent Advances and New Features on MG (N0C)

The N0C Changelog reports on our recent progress on the MG panel.

The N0C Changelog reports on our recent progress on PlanetHoster's MG panel, web host of the year

Here are a few that we think are particularly worth noting.

LSCache for N0C CMS

LSCache is a plugin built from the base and integrated into all LiteSpeed server products. The extension can:

  • dramatically speed up dynamic website content (such as PHP pages);
  • provide more efficient processing of static content (particularly images); and
  • reduce server load.

It is now possible to install, activate or deactivate LSCache for N0C CMS using buttons and icons. This is shown in the following illustration:

LSCache is integrated in all LiteSpeed server products and is included in PlanetHoster hosting products.
LSCache for N0C CMS

Backup Section

Two major changes have been made to the Backup section:

  • databases extract;
  • addition of the “compress” option when creating an archive.

Databases Extract

You can now download your database if it has been archived:

Databases extract

The Download icon makes it easy to do so.

Addition of the “Compress” Option When Creating an Archive

You can now compress an archive at the same time as you create it:

Addition of the “Compress” option

Simply use the COMPRESS THE FILE? cursor.

Ability to Suspend an E-Mail Account

An icon has been added to the Email Accounts section for suspending an e-mail account:

Ability to suspend an email account with PlanetHoster
E-mail account suspension

You can refer to the article How to Manage Email Accounts in our knowledge base. This will give you more details on this new feature.

N0C Storage Billing

Here are a few explanations on the price of N0C Storage :

  1. Inclusions : 100 GB included with The World offer and 200 GB included for each HybridCloud N0C.
  2. Cost: 0.04 EUR (CAN$0.06) / GB / month.
  3. How it works :
  • one bucket per N0C account;
  • QoS (Quality of Service) for each N0C account; and
  • independent of the resources assigned to each N0C account in The World offer.
100 GB included with The World offer and 200 GB included for each HybridCloud N0C PlanetHoster
N0C Storage Billing

Web Security: We Cannot Talk Enough About It…

These days, web security has become extremely complex. Accordingly, we are aware that it is vital to stay on the lookout for any bugs that could cause problems in this area, with a view to prevention and continuous improvement.

Web security and PlanetHoster's support team, dedicated to excellence in web hosting.
Safety is essential

Rest assured: with PlanetHoster, you are in safe hands!

Of course, our team is always on hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you if you need it.

Orange’s Pages Perso Service Discontinued

A recent event attracted a lot of attention, and with good reason: Orange’s Pages Perso service is closed.

The Pages Perso service ceased definitively on 5 September 2023 for all their customers. Fortunately, customers can recover their content and request that the address of their site be transferred to a new host. The problem is that there is a deadline: 9 January 2024. So do not delay!

Orange Personal Pages service closed

There is no need to panic, however, if you proceed methodically. The simplicity of the Journal du Net article entitled Arrêt du service Pages Perso d’Orange (Shutting down Orange’s Pages Perso service) provides a step-by-step guide to what to do.

We encourage you to migrate to PlanetHoster. Our team is here to help you.

Step-By-Step Guide to Configuring your PlanetHoster Products

In order to spare our new customers unnecessary trial and error when configuring the products of PlanetHoster, we have produced this short video, which provides an overview in just 4 minutes:

PlanetHoster product configuration video

We have documented in detail a step-by-step guide to configuring PlanetHoster products in the article How to Configure PlanetHoster Products.

Follow-Up On Our Current Projects

Following on from our previous blogs, here are some news about our many ongoing projects.

Automated Migration from cPanel to N0C on Track

Since it was launched, the process of migrating from cPanel to N0C, which is largely automated, has been progressing well. Customers who have chosen to do so succeeded without difficulty, especially as our highly experienced technicians have been able to help them when asked. We are still planning to make the tool available in self-service mode. So, customers will be able to switch through the platform automatically.

The paragraph “What is the difference with cPanel?” in the blog What’s New in 2021 – Welcome to the N0C Hosting Platform provides a lot of useful information.

Availability of N0C on the HybridCloud

As a reminder, N0C is currently only available on The World web hosting platform. We would like to ensure that N0C is also available for HybridCloud dedicated servers. It will then naturally be possible to migrate accounts from a The World offering to a HybridCloud hosting solution.

N0C coming soon for PlanetHoster's HybridCloud dedicated servers

For PlanetHoster, this will be a major step forward in the world of hosting providers.

At PlanetHoster, quality and respect for our customers cannot be sacrificed for the sake of deadlines or business strategies. We prefer to wait until everything is in place before rolling out the HybridCloud plan. Users will appreciate it all the more!

A Few Words About the HybridCloud Plan

For those who do not know, the HybridCloud plan is a hosting service dedicated to Web professionals who need high performance and greater flexibility than shared hosting. Moreover, they are supported by the support team of PlanetHoster, free of charge and at all times.

This solution offers you several advantages over the cloud server. For instance, complete isolation of your resources on a dedicated HybridCloud and the ability to increase the resources are available at any time. And all at very competitive rates, given the return on investment of our hosting plan, whether in terms of performance, access to several CMS (such as WordPress and PrestaShop), security or storage space!

Upgrade to VPN Version 2 (VPN V2)

PlanetHoster VPN will also be upgrading to version 2 very soon. Stay tuned…

Upgrade to VPN Version 2, VPN V2 from PlanetHoster.

Future Permanent CDN

Although our customers do not generally need a Content Delivery Network (CDN), every site is different.

So, if your sites receive DDOS (brute force) attacks fairly often, or if they have a lot of traffic but you want to stay on a shared site, for example, you need to use cloudflare. To make life easier for you in cases like these, we are about to set up a permanent CDN.

All the more reason to choose a web host like PlanetHoster in Canada, France and Switzerland.

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We hope this blog has allowed you to share our enthusiasm. Proud to be the number one web hosting provider in 2023, we intend to retain this title in 2024, with a view to constantly meeting our customers’ expectations.

Ideas abound at PlanetHoster. Here is a brief insight in our plans: the eventual addition of Memcached to the choices available in N0C, the addition of other SQL engines to the development schedule and the complete overhaul of our website (


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