PlanetHoster, Platinum Sponsor of “The Best of the Web” and “The Best of Advertising” events

Once again, PlanetHoster, Europe’s leader in green web hosting, proudly announces its partnership as Platinum Sponsor of the prestigious “Le Meilleur du Web” (The Best of the Web) and “Le Meilleur de la Pub” (The Best of Advertising) events. These events in French-speaking Switzerland celebrate innovation, talent and expertise in the Web and advertising fields, offering a unique platform to highlight the remarkable achievements in the industry.

Switzerland, and the city of Lausanne in particular, are at the forefront of environmental initiatives in Europe. Lausanne is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and quality of life. By anchoring its operations in Switzerland’s eco-responsible values, PlanetHoster is making both an ethical and a strategic choice. Participation in “Le Meilleur du Web” and “Le Meilleur de la Pub” in Lausanne demonstrates our local commitment and support for initiatives that value and promote sustainable innovation.

In this article, we explore how this partnership reflects our core values and reinforces our positioning as the web hosting provider of choice for businesses and professionals of this stature. Companies and professionals who, like us, are committed to digital innovation, creative excellence and environmental sustainability.

PlanetHoster : Pioneer in Green Web Hosting

From the outset, the company has been committed to offering environmentally friendly web hosting solutions. By using energy-efficient technologies and data centers 100 % powered by renewable energy, PlanetHoster reduces its carbon footprint while delivering exceptional performance to its customers.

By supporting local events focused on excellence and innovation, this hosting provider strengthens its roots in the community and helps promote sustainable practices in the IT sector. As a Platinum sponsor and partner of “Le Meilleur du Web” and “Le Meilleur de la Pub”, it demonstrates the value of its global approach to the environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is tangible support for digital and creative excellence in French-speaking Switzerland.

The Best of the Web and The Best of Advertising in a Nutshell

A key event for professionals in the digital world, “Le Meilleur du Web” (The Best of the Web) is an annual ceremony held in November that rewards excellence in various categories such as websites, digital marketing campaigns, technological innovations, and much more. A prestigious showcase for Web professionals, the event attracts developers, marketers, designers and project managers who compete to present their best work. PlanetHoster offers a robust, secure platform ideal for hosting the web projects that are often featured in the “Le Meilleur du Web” competition.

Held in May, “Le Meilleur de la Pub” (The best of Advertising) celebrates outstanding achievements in the field of advertising. The event, whose next edition will take place on May 16, 2024, brings together advertisers, content creators and media strategists from the most influential brands.

For participants, the importance of reliable, fast and secure hosting for their online campaigns is crucial, so hosting solutions proposed by PlanetHoster are the perfect choice. They guarantee that advertising campaigns are delivered efficiently and without interruption, which is of course essential if you want to stand out in such a competitive sector.

The eight edition of “Le Meilleur de la Pub” in 2023 was very well attended. Around 100 projects competed, and some 280 people turned up at the main amphitheatre for the Ceremony (live broadcast in Hall 2). Awards were presented in 9 categories.

Presentation of the MDRSE, the New Award of PlanetHoster

In 2023, a new award was created: the PlanetHoster MDRSE prize.

The prize is awarded to a campaign that has been carried out in an environmentally-friendly manner, whose theme encourages inclusion, and which helps to generate change among the target audience. The prize consists of a Dedicated Cube, which the winning agency can keep for 12 months before passing it on to the winner in the following year.

The PlanetHoster MDRSE prize, the Dedicated Cube (here, Le meilleur de la RSE/The best of CSR)

PlanetHoster CSR Award Winners

During “Le Meilleur de la Pub” in May 2023, the agence Alternative (Alternative agency) won the PlanetHoster MDRSE prize for the “Valorisation des employés(e)s de la Voirie” campaign on behalf of the City of Geneva. Mr. Remo Zottarelli, director of the agency, was presented with a cheque for CHF 2,000, along with his Dedicated Cube.

Valorisation des employé(e)s de la Voirie” campaign (agence Alternative, winner of the PlanetHoster MDRSE award at Le Meilleur de la Pub in May 2023)

In November of the same year, it was Blossom‘s turn to win PlanetHoster’s Le Meilleur de la RSE (Best of CSR) award.

Laurence De Cecco, founder of the Blossom agency, winner of the prix PlanetHoster RSE (PlanetHoster CSR) award for Le Meilleur du Web in 2023

Advantages of Green Hosting for Creative Businesses

By choosing PlanetHoster as their web hosting partner, businesses and professionals can not only benefit from superior performance and increased reliability, but also demonstrate their commitment to the environment. In fact, our green hosting offers an ethical and cost-effective solution to meet the growing needs of the market, while helping to preserve the environment.

CSR Awareness

At PlanetHoster, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of everything we do. By adhering to eco-responsible principles, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting ethical practices in all our operations.

Our CSR strategy includes initiatives such as recycling hardware components, reducing energy consumption, and investing in programs to support the technological and environmental community. By doing so, we meet the expectations of our customers, who value corporate social responsibility as much as technical performance, all over the world.

The Advantages of Green Accommodation in Lausanne and Switzerland

By opting for green hosting solutions in Lausanne — and, more broadly, in Switzerland — local companies enhance their brand image. They also actively contribute to preserving the spectacular natural environment of the beautiful country in which they are based.

For us, offering hosting services in this part of the world means participating in these collective efforts, while providing customers with technological solutions that meet the highest environmental standards.

Involving the Swiss Community in Sustainable Practices

With a view to working with partners and communities in Switzerland to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices on the web and beyond, our initiatives include several elements. These include sustainability workshops, partnerships with local businesses to reduce e-waste, and campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of choosing eco-responsible service providers.

By combining our hosting expertise with a strong commitment to the environment, we are helping to shape a digital future that is as green as it is efficient.

Matching our Services to the Needs of the Target Audience

The audience for “Le Meilleur du Web” and “Le Meilleur de la Pub” is looking for hosting solutions that stimulate innovation and guarantee business continuity and data protection.

Our eco-friendly services provide digital and advertising professionals with the tools they need to host their data securely, while minimizing their carbon footprint, in line with the values of increasingly sustainability-oriented Swiss companies.

Strategic Aspect of Sponsorship

By sponsoring both events, PlanetHoster is not only promoting its services.

An active role in supporting innovation and excellence in the digital and advertising sectors is a natural consequence. This positions our brand at the heart of the Swiss digital ecosystem, while showing support for the professional community directly involved in the use of advanced and responsible digital technologies.


Looking back, the participation of PlanetHoster as a Platinum Sponsor of “Le Meilleur du Web” (The Best of the Web) and “Le Meilleur de la Pub” (The Best of Advertising) is a clear demonstration of our commitment not only to technical and creative excellence, but also to sustainable business practices. It reflects our vision of a future where technology supports innovation without compromising our planet.

Join PlanetHoster now! You will soon discover how powerful, secure and eco-friendly hosting can be!


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