PlanetHoster sets up an idea box for new features development

New Interface With PlanetHoster to better hear you and to serve you better!

It is now almost 10 years PlanetHoster strives to have and maintain the satisfaction of our customers, our many affiliates as well as our valued partners.

From the very beginning, PlanetHoster works tirelessly to satisfy its customers and its many partners and over all these years, we found that large numbers of our users loved to share their great ideas to improve our services.

It is thanks to the contributions of ideas, we listened, we were able to distinguish by introducing services such as VPN system, a high performance storage system, SEO Analyzer, SSL Certificates via Free Let’s Encrypt, … .

New space centralized expression to your feature requests.

Today PlanetHoster wishes to inform you of a brand new interface with which to better listen to our clients. We want you to share your ideas with PlanetHoster but also with other clients.

This expression space will be dedicated to centralized applications/features you would like to see developed in the coming months. All ideas will be subject to a pre-selection by the members of the team PlanetHoster in order to determine their feasibility. Once uploaded, you will be able to give your appreciation and comment on ideas.

Whether by need new products or features to add and/or suggestions for operating, PlanetHoster offers a new interface to receive your suggestions and vote!

The ideas receiving the best “quotes” and opinion will be taken into consideration to improve our services. You can, as of present, leave us your comments:


You have great ideas for our products?

Here are 5 Ways to participate in this new interface:

  1. publish your great ideas for our products,
  2. provide service enhancements,
  3. comment “posts” to contribute,
  4. vote on matters that are important to you,
  5. consult the “post” to keep you updated.

If you have ideas to help us improve our services, your suggestions are always welcome. Go see the interface now, if you need a particular feature you like to see in World Platform. Vote to help us prioritize our “to do” list from the hundreds of ideas to be proposed.

Our support team is working to improve from your comments, our current solutions for managed web hosting.

From your feedbacks and suggestions, we want to work every day for our interface to decide our roadmap into the future.

Thank you again for your support and for your future evaluations!

PlanetHoster hosts your world, share it so it looks like you!

However, please note that any suggestions or contribution for improvement of our services you submit become the property of PlanetHoster. PlanetHoster may use this information for commercial purposes without restriction, including the support and development of our products and/or services. Finally, PlanetHoster will not use such information in a form that identifies you personally.

* Unless additional information is needed, you will not receive a personal response.


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