Shared Hosting vs VPS Server Low Cost

It’s already 2015, and yes, the web is getting old.

The digital industry is evolving, it changes gradually the landscape. The era of Cloud is at its peak. You see it everywhere: TV, radio, the web and so on …

It goes without saying that the term cloud is often misused. It is more marketing than anything. In 2015, it only adds “Cloud + term” and hope the majority of Internet users take the bait!

When mention of VPS, Cloud is a great marketing factor. A “Low Cost” VPS can have the appearance of a Premium VPS by simply adding to it the word Cloud!

The price? In 2015, it is possible to have a VPS for the price of a Big Mac! And the icing on the cake is the so-called Cloud …!

Really? Well, I’ll cancel my Shared Hosting right away!

Warning, It might be that this is a mistake. Let’s compare …


VPS Low Cost

Prices: From 5 euros
Technical characteristics:

– RAM: 512MB
– CPU: 1 vCore
– Bandwidth (outgoing transfer): 1TB

Managed Services: No (you must do it yourself)
Web Server Installed: No
PHP/MySQL Installed: No
Email Installed: No
DNS provided: Sometimes
Control panel for management: No
Support: Non-existant (We can ping your server, we can’t do much else…)


Hugo is a designer. He has several sites under WordPress and some under Joomla!. Having tried several shared hosting with bad qualities, he said that with his own server, there will be no more problems. Also, the idea of having his own server has always intrigued him. Seeing the cost, he said why not, so he then ordered a VPS Low Cost 5 euros.

It is 9:00 am, his coffee within reach, he is ready for the challenge.

His Low-Cost VPS is delivered. He sees an IP address and a password say “root password”. Resourceful, Hugo understands it’s SSH access to his server. He managed to connect via a terminal to his Low-Cost VPS.

He wants to put online his websites. After consulting several online tutorials, he realizes that he needs a web service and a service for databases (not to mention the emails)

After 6 long hours, the sites are online. He nevertheless notes that his sites are very slow and even they stop responding for several minutes. At the same time, the supplier sends several email alerts stating that the RAM of his server has reached capacity … He must upgrade his server while he has not even started getting traffic to its websites …

Reason? Every installed service requires resources. He exceeded the resources allocated only with primary services (web, database …). This greatly affects the performance! Hugo is a designer and not sysadmin. Nevertheless, Hugo must spend precious hours to manage everything, despite that it is not his job (security is not optimal!). He then has less time to devote to his passion is that of designing websites.

Premium Shared Hosting

Price: Starting from 5 euros
Technical characteristics:

– RAM: many infrastructures (burstable)
– CPU: many infrastructures (burstable)
– Bandwidth (outgoing transfer): Illimité

Managed Services: Yes
Web Server Installed: Yes
PHP/MySQL Installed: Yes
Email Installed: Yes
DNS provided: Yes
Control panel for management: Yes
Support: 24/7 (access to skilled technicians who are passionate about their work)


Hugo is still a designer and as always has several sites under WordPress and some Joomla!. Tired by the low-cost shared hosting, he tries a Premium Shared Hosting.

Instantly, he received his credentials. He has access to an all-in-one control panel. He can create FTP accounts, email accounts, view statistics and more.

Within minutes, he deploys his websites on a premium infrastructure. The Premium Shared Hosting offers him an all-in-one platform, web services, databases, DNS, email etc. All very well optimized, secured and managed by the provider. His sites load very quickly. It even has a firewall that protects his data.

It is 10:00 am, Hugo has just finished his coffee and his Internet sites already have dozens of visitors thanks to the performance, stability, and security of his Premium Shared Hosting (Google takes that into account his ranking algorithm).

At the slightest worry, Hugo may contact technicians passionate about their work and, in seconds.


The Premium Shared Hosting is the logical choice when it comes time to compare Premium Shared Hosting to VPS Low-Cost Server.

If Hugo needed more resources/performance and flexibility (dedicated environment etc), he would opt for a Premium VPS with Managed Service and not for a Low-Cost VPS server. He would have his own optimized server managed by qualified technicians. He would have access to an all-in-one control panel and a 24/7 quality support. The management of his server would act as a shared hosting!

What do you think?


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