Tools to create Instagram stories as a professional

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram stories are one of the most interesting consumer marketing tools to reach your audience. Given their importance, you need to include them in your social networking strategy. But what about the tools that will help you create better Instagram stories? We have selected tools that will help you to make your Instagram stories evolve in the right direction.


Easil Instagram Story Templates



Easil Instagram Story Templates makes it easy to create branded or episodic content for your Instagram stories. The tool offers a wide range of story templates for Instagram. They are very easy to modify to fit your website.

With Easil Instagram Story Templates, you can share highlights on all topics, launch a “best photo of a fan” contest, highlight behind the scenes with Easil Behind the Scenes models or create an introductory image to present your story’s theme.


Adobe Spark Post




Adobe Spark is a cross-platform web application containing a suite of content creation tools for all budgets and skill levels. This tool allows web and mobile users to create and share stunning visual content on many platforms, including social media, web applications, etc. Adobe Spark replaces or complements your website by providing owners with an excellent way to create graphics, videos for, for example, Instagram stories.

Adobe Spark provides automatic resizing, friendly-mobile graphic design application, text entry tool or live theme editor.







Storeo allows you to create a friction-free video experience for videos longer than 15 seconds. No need to stop and start spreading your message within 15 seconds!

Storeo helps you to: Upload any image from your camera and edit it for Instagram stories., capture videos directly from the application and convert the video into 15-second clips that can be updated in the right order on Instagram Stories.






Quik is really ideal for your Instagram stories because the possibilities to customize your videos are almost unlimited. If you want to adapt your video to Instagram stories, you must click on the “wrench” icon and select the “portrait” format.

One thing to note is that Quik natively records your videos in 720p, which is convenient for most people, if you want to record your video in 1080p, press the small gear icon in the upper right corner and activate the 1080p option.


If you would like to share other Instagram tools, feel free to share them in the article’s comments.


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