Why do you need to create a Landing Page?

The Landing Page is a key element of any digital strategy. But do we still have to understand what a Landing Page is? And what are the essential elements of a good Landing Page?

In this article we will see the different possibilities to create a Landing Page as well as a checklist of important points to create an effective Landing Page.


What is a Landing Page?

The Landing Page is a page of your site that has only one and only one purpose: To transform the visitor into a prospect, a qualified Lead! Unlike a multi-page website, which offers different actions and information, this tool is used to inform users about a specific company subject and to encourage them to perform a specific action. You can propose a variety of manipulations such as buying, subscribing to your newsletter, following you on social networks, filling in a form…

To do this, a Landing Page must have a clear and precise call to action and have no outgoing links so as not to distract the visitor. The user must have only two options on your Landing Page:

  • He leaves you his contact information.
  • He decides to leave your page.

A highly important part of your digital strategy, the Landing Page is the entry point to your conversion tunnel. Be aware that all paid traffic, whether advertising, email, sponsored links… must be sent on a Landing Page to optimize your results.


Landing Page d’Amazon.


The advantages of the Landing Page





The Landing Page is a powerful tool to achieve your business objectives on the web. The main advantage of landing pages is the simplification. The Internet user lands on a mini-site dedicated to the subject that interests him/her and that only meets his/her needs. Since no distractions interfere with the navigation process and the user has only one operation to perform, his chances of operating increase considerably.


Tools for creating a Landing Page

  • InstaPage : The tool we use at Social Media Pro, particularly powerful at the editor level, you can really create the design you want very simply, and InstaPage offers perfect control at the mobile responsive level.
  • LeadPages : Very easy to use, it allows you to make changes directly online.
  • OptimizePress 2: WordPress plugin only. Allows the creation of Landing Page very easily via an online editor.
  • Unbounce: A little less easy to use than the previous ones if you are a beginner, but very powerful!


Optimize your Landing Page




To optimize your Landing Page, you must create:

  • Clear message: there must be only one message and one offer. Both must be easily understood.
  • Targeted Landing Page: your Landing Page must propose an offer that addresses the issues of your target customer.
  • Catchy title: you must immediately capture the visitor’s attention.
  • Placing the button: be careful to position your button correctly. Up or in the middle is the most appropriate to capture the visitor’s gaze quickly. The title of the button must correspond to the purpose of the action.
  • No outgoing links: once on your Landing Page, the visitor should only have two options: leave his information or leave the page.
  • Reduced form: the faster it is to fill in, the more your conversions will increase; for example: instead of asking for email and first name, only ask for the email.
  • SPAM policy: Indicate your SPAM policy, this will reassure visitors.
  • Branding: you are not required to put your logo on your Landing Page, but try to keep a theme of colors that are close to your general brand.
  • Buttons to your social media


Example of Landing Pages





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