5 Ways to Share Your Knowledge Online

Millions of users conduct online searches each day to find answers to their questions. Successfully finding an answer depends on a user locating an online resource (like a website, blog, or video tutorial) that can answer their question. Therefore, if you have a high-level of knowledge in a particular subject, you should consider sharing your knowledge with others through one or more online resources.


1) Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge (and passion) with the world. You can actually start your own blog for free with sites like Blogger and WordPress. However, if you are willing to spend a little money ($10-20/year), you can brand your blog with your own domain name. In addition to being inexpensive, blogging is also quite easy for beginning writers. You just need to follow a few guidelines for SEO best practices. Make sure that the content you publish on your blog is original. Your posts should be at least 500 words in length. Try to include at least one relevant image in each blog post. Don’t forget to share your blog on social media to promote it to others.


2) Q&A Websites


Question and answer sites like Quora are another great place to share your knowledge with others online. On these sites, users post questions about nearly every subject imaginable. If you can provide good, well-written answers (that are typically more than a paragraph in length), you might enjoy sharing your knowledge on Q&A sites. You can find lots of Q&A sites to join by doing a quick online search.


3) Write an Ebook

If you really enjoy writing, you could write an ebook on a subject that you know a great deal about. Most ebooks are at least 10,000 words in length. You can self-publish your content on Amazon for free. Another option is to create your own website or blog to promote and sell your ebook.


4) Create Videos

Videos are often the most popular content online. For example, many of the top YouTube channels have over one million subscribers. If you feel shy about getting in front of the camera, you don’t actually have to be in your videos. For example, if you are an Excel guru, you could create a tutorial on creating spreadsheets by recording your screen and voice. If you love mountain biking, you could use a GoPro camera on your helmet to film your next mountain biking trip.


5) Teach an Online Class

Finally, if you really have a passion for sharing your knowledge with others, you should consider teaching an online class. One option could be teaching online classes for a college if you have the right education credentials. However, you don’t actually have to teach college classes to teach online. Instead, you could create your own online course through sites like Coursera or Ed2Go. You can also setup a website or blog to promote your online course.

In short, sharing your knowledge online is easy. For example, you can start a blog for little or no money. If you like answering direct user questions, consider joining a Q&A site. If you are just as passionate about writing as you are about a particular subject, consider self-publishing an ebook. If you enjoy creating more interactive content, you might like sharing your knowledge through video tutorials. Lastly, if you have a passion to teach others about a subject, create your own online class.


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