A well kept secret in SEO

The renewal of a domain name for a long period


Did you know that there is a very easy and effective way to improve your ranking on search engines, which requires no intervention of an SEO expert and only takes a few minutes to set up?

Indeed, this small well-kept secret in the SEO industry concerns the renewal of a domain name over a long period compared to traditional registration of a domain over a year.

Indeed, on a very specific subject, the web abounds a phenomenal amount of websites.
Thus, in order to stand out and be on the first page of search results, every little detail counts. So do not leave anything to chance.

For example, a site with an SSL certificate (HTTPS) will rank at a higher level than that of a competitor that has not enabled this option. For more information on this subject, see our article on the benefits of HTTPS.

In light of the above, by registering or renewing your domain name over a long period, this simple strategic decision affirms to search engines such as Google your determination and strong will to want to the existence of your site long term.

The result, you improve your quality score, allowing you to improve your SEO compared to that of someone who has not made the renewal of his domain over a long period.

Here are some benefits of domain name registration over a long period:

  1. Improved ranking on search engines such as Google;
  2. Securing in the face of cost increases imposed by the owners of extensions.
    For example, the cost of the .NET extension, which is managed by the governing body Verisign increased by one euro as of 1 January 2017. By renewing over a long period, you pay the rate in effect as of today.
  3. Peace of mind against the renewal oblivion. You avoid penalties;
    For example, when you are traveling, in the case of expiry of the domain due to an oversight of payment, getting back your domain name will cost you more than 25 times more expensive.

As a reminder, PlanetHoster holds ICANN accreditation as well as more accreditations from CIRA, AFNIC, Dnsbe, DNSLU, EURid, ldns and Switch. Thus, we allow you to register and renew your domain, without intermediary and that, over a period of up to 10 years.

What are you waiting to take advantage of all these benefits?

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