Transition to HTTPS by default for all customers

For nearly almost 10 years, we work every day with passion and determination to provide you with efficient solutions on the cutting edge of technology, an optimal security for your data and especially a very responsive human customer service to support you in all your projects.

Indeed, our passion for technology and our commitment to our customers allows us to be a vanguard of the computer world that is constantly changing.

For example, a few years ago, it was essential to hold a dedicated IP address in order to get an SSL certificate. Today, thanks to technologies such as SNI (Server Name Indication) which is fully supported on our servers, setting up an HTTPS no longer requires this prerequisite. Thus, allowing you big savings.

Moreover, as a major partner of Let’s Encrypt and because technological change has no overhead at PlanetHoster, we are pleased to inform you that we will, in the coming days, begin gradually the activation of the default SSL certificate activator Let’s Encrypt for all our customers (Shared, Retailer, E-Commerce, VPS and HybridCloud) and this for FREE.


For your information, Let’s Encrypt is a certification authority launched in 2015 by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) providing no cost SSL certificates. This system was in Beta for almost a year. Currently Let’s Encrypt version is complete stable.
To date, over 8 million certificates were delivered.

Thus, by redirecting your site for free to HTTPS, it will ensure a better privacy, enhance your security in addition to offering all the benefits of SEO.

Indeed, it is no longer wrong that search engines such as Google favor SEO sites using SSL Certificate. For more details on this topic please see this article from Google.

For customers wishing to exclusively use HTTPS, a tutorial was made exclusively for this purpose in our Knowledge Base.

For your complete satisfaction, we inform you that you have absolutely nothing to do on your part. PlanetHoster agrees to take care of all that for you. Indeed gradually all our customers, without exception, will be given a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate free of charge.

Questions or comments? Do not hesitate to contact us about it.


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