Free, Limited Time Offer to an EV SSL Certificate

For a Limited Time Only under certain conditions …


For very short and limited time, PlanetHoster wishes temporarily to offer (free of charge) an EV SSL Certificate Secure Sockets Layer to all customers subscribed to an annual eCommerce hosting plan or a VPS annual hosting plan.

=> This is a value of 200 € which is valid for one full year



EV SSL Certificate = The Green URL bar on your website. The SSL EV certificate is a Extended Validation (EV) certification. This is the best kind and the most advanced SSL certificates. This certificate is the only one to offer the technology of the green bar, giving your visitors an extra level of trust and confidence.

The quantity is limited. The offer is available only to customers of PlanetHoster with an annual subscription to an eCommerce hosting plan or a VPS hosting plan or HybridCloud hosting plan.

Since 5 August 2016 and following the Google announcement, PlanetHoster is highly recommending the use of the Certificate EV SSL to all eCommerce websites, online trading websites and company websites as well.


In addition to strengthening the security and trust of your visitors and customers, EV SSL certificates will have a positive impact on SEO of your website.

Some search engines are much in favor of Encrypted web sites. These web sites can even benefit from a better position in Google searches as a direct result.

The green address (URL) bar is a visual sign showing that the site is Secure, Verified and Authenticated. The green address bar can also help to demonstrate proof of the seriousness of your company and the security compliance of your website. Thus it is not uncommon to see an increase in conversion rates (sales) from your website visitors simply because they are reassured and more confident to trade or buy online with your site.




PlanetHoster is proud to offer one of the best EV SSL Certificate in the industry through our partnership with Symantec ™


What are the requirements for an EV SSL certification??

Reserved to professionals, SSL Certification Authority will authenticate your business via “Infogreffe”, verify that your organization owns the domain name to secure and finally reach you by phone to ensure you are well behind the demand for EV SSL certificate. 

* your company must be registered or legally incorporated with the authorities in your local area. And in addition, your company must be publicly announced and published on various electronic directories such as the yellow pages for example.

Since the SSL EV certificate guarantees website visitors that his owner had to undergo a strict audited process to confirm his identity. This process has been defined by members of the CA / B Forum. According to the regulations established for this process, it is necessary to prove that the owner of a website has the exclusive rights to use the domain for which it requests an EV SSL certificate, and validating the legal existence, physical and commercial organization.

Allow at least between 2 to 10 days in order to receive your EV SSL certificate. In some cases, you can count up to 30 days to get your certificate. Know that our technical team may be able to help you shorten the time or speed up the verification process.

Find out the requirements for obtaining your EV SSL Certificate

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This offer is reserved and only available to our clients with an annual subscription eCommerce hosting plan, VPS hosting plan, and HybridCloud hosting plan.


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