Have you seen what’s new at PlanetHoster?

The more observant of you may have noticed that PlanetHoster has once again innovated and adapted these offers to provide a better service to those customers.

Specifically, here’s what we have implemented in recent months:

+ The cPanel interface has been fully recognized so that our customers can directly access to manage their hosting from their smartphones and tablets to the administration panel. This system was developed with the Twitter Bootstrap and HTML5 and the appearance have been simplified and very refined.





+ The webmail page has also been updated to offer your end user automatic loading on a webmail, indicate the configuration of email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail Apps … the possibility to install filters and also change the password of the email account.




+ The Anti-Virus system was exclusively updated in order to have a more complete database in order to find malicious code in your email or PHP files. The Anti-Virus icon has been replaced by the Anti-Malware which is almost 20 times more efficient than the old system namely ClamAV.




+ PlanetHoster has now been formally accredited by CIRA for registering domains in domain names “. ca “or “.qc.ca”


+ The DNS management interface has been enhanced to manage more simply your domain.

+ A tutorial video page was created in order to make long articles more interactive and dynamic.




+ The E-Commerce offer is now available on a monthly billing cycle to help new online marketers start growing on the Internet market.

Feel free to tell us what you think and share your ideas to strengthen our server better adapted to your needs.



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