WordCamp Paris 2015 – Follow-up – A success

WordCamp Paris? In short: a success.

Held over two days on 23 and 24 January 2015, the WordCamp Paris 2015 has connected all who share the same passion: WordPress.

WordCamp Participants

All participants of the WordCamp Paris of the day Friday.
Image Source http://2015.paris.wordcamp.org

PlanetHoster would like to thank all the organizers, speakers, participants and sponsors who made this event a unique event.

The WordCamp Paris was beneficial to all. PH side, it allowed us to interact with our customers, to note their suggestions to improve ourselves and adapt our hosting solutions accordingly to their needs.

We also had the chance to discuss with our colleagues in the industry of web hosting. Notably, o2switch and 1 & 1. There was a discussion of the technological advances in the infrastructure of servers and network.

A big thank you to EEMI and its director Christophe Ondrejec which hosted the WordCamp Paris Saturday.

The 2015 edition of WordCamp Paris was a success thanks to the collaboration of all. You can all be proud. Goodbye! See you in 2016!

Here are some pictures of WordCamp Paris:

Organisateurs WC Paris

The organizers of WordCamp Paris. (A VERY BIG thank you to them)
Image Source http://2015.paris.wordcamp.org

Equipe PH

Marc-Andre and Jay PlanetHoster holding PH chocolate especially for WordCamp Paris.
Image Source: PlanetHoster

Chocolats PH

PH chocolates provided specifically for WordCamp Paris.
Image Source: PlanetHoster

BeAPI Merci

A thank you made from PlanetHoster chocolates! From BeAPI 🙂
Image source: beapi.fr (Published on Twitter 26 Jan 2015)


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