New features on World Platform™

More than 6 months ago, we have presented you the future of web hosting: World Platform™, a state-of-the-art shared hosting service based on an innovative storage system.

This High-Tech hosting solution implemented in collaboration with DELL offers flexibility, security, scalability, and power.

In addition to our fully secured hosting service supported 24/7 by our technical team,  we have promised you a completely scalable hosting platform that allows the constant implementation of new features according to on your feedback and needs.

As usual, PlanetHoster keeps its word.
Following the constant demand of our dear customers for similar and specific needs, we have integrated two new sections with the World control panel: TOOLS and SECURITY.



It is important to note that the TOOLS section contains most of the useful links for our users.
For example IMAP Copy, which allows you to transfer your emails between two separate servers, a  secure password generator, an SEO analysis tool of your website and much more.



The second section is called SECURITY. The Firewall Protection tool in this category allows you to check if your IP address has been blocked by our various security systems such as Firewall and Anti-DDoS. This feature gives you control over our protection systems.Note that it is now even possible to unlock yourself in the case of a suspension of your IP.

We invite you to discover the new features by visiting our World demo:

Questions? We will be happy to answer you.
We are available to assist you 24/7.


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