Survey Results: Goodies PlanetHoster

At PlanetHoster, listening to requests, comments, and suggestions of our dear customers is very important for your satisfaction and our continual improvement.

For this reason, last week, to support our marketing team in validating the choice of our next promotional items in the image of PlanetHoster, we launched a survey on the social network Facebook to know your opinion.

We thank you for your cooperation, you were very responsive and in large numbers to vote.

Below are the results of the survey:

As can be seen, unanimously, in first place it is the personalized Coffee cup that had
the most votes.

The Anti-stress Ball wins the second place. In the third position by equality, you voted for the Personalized NoteBook the Water bottle and the Surprise object

In your opinion, what will be the final design of the winning items?

Stay tuned, we will unveil the chosen objects on upon receipt!


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