Play and save with PlanetHoster!

Every day, at PlanetHoster, we work to provide you with the latest technologies in terms of web hosting.
To thank you for your trust, we created in 2015 our loyalty program offering you in discount, 2% of all your web hosting purchases.



At present, we are pleased to introduce a new discount program offering you up to 10% additional discount by playing fun games.

It’s nice, right? This is another way for us to thank you for your trust.

Please note that 3 games are now available. The great classics Pac-Man, Tetris and a memory game!
The objective of this novelty is to simply combine fun and savings. Over time, several new games will be added to the list.

At the end of a game, you will receive an email with a promotional code. This way, in order to obtain a discount on credits,  you can apply it to the invoice of your choice.


Here are some details about the promotional codes that can be won:

  • Earned Promotional codes can offer discounts from 1 to 10% on your hosting services. The percentage is fixed according to the score obtained;
  • You can play as many times as you like to generate your promotional code;
  • When you try to improve your score to get a bigger discount, you must always use your latest promotional code obtained;
  • The discount is automatically recognized by our system and added to your account as a credit upon payment of your invoice;
  • The discount can be used for the payment of your next service renewals or counted when ordering new products;
  • Earned Promotional codes are for single use. They are automatically linked to the email address provided for their recovery. If you are already a customer, please use the email address of your PlanetHoster account.


What are you waiting for to play? 



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