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Winter is on our doorstep, and yes, the first flakes have already fallen in Montreal!




We promised you new things about the VPS, and we keep our promises.

Since the launch of the World platform, we have had the chance to collect good numbers of feedback. All opinions are taken into account and we adapt the platform accordingly. This is a very big step for shared hosting! It allows the user to host its content on a scalable cloud infrastructure at a very competitive price/quality ratio. In addition to supporting several languages (PHP, Ruby, Python & NodeJS), it adapts to hosted content. Imagine that you host a WordPress, the infrastructure will automatically adapt to the core (the main code of WordPress) as well as your plugins/modules/templates so that the rendering for your visitors is optimal in terms of latency and stability. Also, it supports multi-content, so if for example, you host a WordPress and a Prestashop, each CMS will be treated in an optimal way.

We bring all these innovations as well as this scalability in a 100% dedicated environment. An environment where it is possible in a few clicks to sustain a peak of hundreds of thousands of visitors without having to migrate everything.

We are proud to announce that we will merge the VPS with HybridCloud. Instead of having VPS and HybridCloud, which indirectly compete with each other, it will only be HybridCloud.



In practical terms, what does this mean for VPS customers? Only positive!

  • The flexibility of the World in a 100% dedicated and scalable environment
  • More resources at better value for money
  • Auto-Peak-Power included (increase/decrease CPU and RAM for a short time and be billed only for this duration.) Example on day Y you expect 100,000 visitors, you only have to upgrade your resources for the day and The next day return to the original resources.)
  • New, Redesigned, Redundant and High-Performance Cloud Infrastructure for Storage on Dell Compellent SC9000 Enterprise SAN
  • Independent disk space for CPU and RAM (so you can add disk space without increasing the CPU and RAM).
  • New Firewall
  • Latency Optimized Infrastructure (premium infrastructure where everything has been redesigned to have the best latency for visitors)
  • Choose the location of your HybridCloud (choice between France, Canada (and other regions in the future)
  • Always 100% managed

Price (monthly)

1 vCore = 5 euros
1GB RAM = 2.5 euros
1GB Disk Space = 0.5 euros

Transition Plan VPS to HybridCloud

You will be able to make your own packages, nevertheless, we prepared you some configurations:

Prix (Euros)CPU (Cores)RAM (GB)Espace Disque (GB)
50 (Similar to VPS Plan 3)
120 (Config for heavy traffic sites)48160
360 (Config assured power)1616480

The disk space is independent of the CPU and RAM so you can make a HybridCloud of 960GB of disk space with 2 Cores CPU and 4 GB RAM. However, disk space can not be downgraded. The CPU and RAM can be upgraded/downgraded without any problems.


Rest assured, we take care of the entire migration process. You will not have any manipulation to do on your side. Our technicians will take care of everything. We will update the offers on PlanetHoster’s official site this week. For customers interested in migrating their VPS in HybridCloud immediately, it will be possible as of next week. The VPS will continue to be supported for the next few years. We will take the time to ensure a seamless transition. We plan a migration of VPS to HybridCloud by the end of 2017. When the time comes, a technician will contact each customer and ensure that the process goes smoothly.




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