PlanetHoster’s Environmental Commitment to minimize its ecological impact

When choosing a Web Hosting Service Company, we are always looking at and comparing features like performance, security, redundancy, speed, etc., to evaluate our decisions. However, we rarely look for the word ‘Sustainability’ in this kind of services.

Despite steady increases in computing efficiency, the Digital footprint is growing larger because of our enormous daily consumption of data and due to the expansion of the Digital Era. The Energy footprint of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is estimated to consume approximately 7% of global electricity, generating up to 2% of the global CO2 emissions and data centers are estimated to have the fastest growing carbon footprint from across the whole ICT sector.

If data centers and other digital infrastructure growth aren’t built on renewable energy, it will lead us into a dramatic increase in the global energy demand coming from fossil fuels or other dirty sources that are affecting our planet’s climate. That’s why PlanetHoster is being very conscious about the climate change and we are taking action on our environmental responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.


As a company, we are investing in clean energy and efficiency as we are engaged to a Green and Sustainable Web. Our Datacenters located in France and Canada not only reach for performance and security but also renewable energy as a priority with energy-efficient servers committing with ISO 50001 certification (Energy management systems).


Our Headquarters located in Canada has also been reducing the carbon footprint through:

  • Recycling and reusing all consumables whether electronic, plastic, paper, etc.

  • Reducing waste by renouncing the use of disposable kitchenware during any celebration and replacing disposable paper towels with fabric hand towels.

  • Changing conventional batteries for rechargeable batteries.

  • Standardizing upon LED lighting in our offices.

  • Sharing information exclusively electronically and printing only when absolutely necessary. We try to achieve a paper-free environment.

  • Designing and coding low-bandwidth and low-energy sites.

We strive to take care of our world and that means being responsible for our Environment. Our passion for innovation and technology is also reflected in our environmental commitment.

“Businesses have the opportunity to be on the front lines of the Sustainability Revolution.” An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power – Al Gore.



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