Pollution, the other side of the Internet

In this IT era, designing for digital and developing for the web or mobile have been reshaping our way of living. All this Internet Revolution is giving us access to instant information, improving the speed of communication worldwide and giving us infinitive tools that allow us to connect, learn and mobilize fast and easy. However, it is important to remember that just because all this technology facilitates and monitor energy use and let us use less paper, it does still have a negative environmental impact. The fact of switching from paper to bits is ‘green’, isn’t 100% true. The virtual world isn’t that sustainable as we think and here are some interesting facts about the Internet footprint and some practical strategies to lower your impact!



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One response to “Pollution, the other side of the Internet”

  1. Tyler Brusamarello says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Great article, I just wanted to ask if you have any references you can share as to where you got the original information from. I’m writing a whitepaper for an ICT company I’m working with and would love to use the information you have used if it is peer-reviewed.

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