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Last weekend, on 11, 12 and 13 March 2016, we had the opportunity to sponsor the event Startup Weekend – Theme of the sharing economy which was held at HEC Montreal.

During the 3 days, as young entrepreneurs who participated in the event, our PlanetHoster team, who was at the scene, all lived a rewarding experience.

In fact, the aim of this international event is to give participants the opportunity to be able to create their Startup, and this in an ultra condensed period of 54 hours.

It should be known, that the first stage of Startup Weekend consists of the presentation of the “Pitches”. All participants who want to share their business ideas had one small minute to convince the audience of their concept.

In all, there are 42 ideas that have been launched. This pitching session was followed by a vote for selecting the most promising projects. Of the 42 business ideas, only 12 projects were selected.


Aperçu de la séance de vote

Overview of the voting session


The second stage of the event consisted of the formation of 12 teams around the 12 selected projects. To do this, participants need to network, recruit and regroup in a team.

At this point, it’s officially the birth of The Travelers, SWAPI, GroopMe, service station, WeBuild, foodclub, Flishare, Liber, Grow2, GreenApp, Thirsty and MeetUrMate.

Now that the teams are formed, each Startup enters an intensive process to maximize their business project and especially to prepare for the great presentation of final Pitches taking place before judges.

To do this, all have access to a range of resources as mentors recognized in the business helping to refine and popularize their Startup.


To assist and support them in their business start-up process, as an official sponsor of the event, PlanetHoster has made available to all entrepreneurs the new World hosting solution and a domain name .XYZ

The winning team, in turn, will receive a hosting solution and a domain name for an entire year.

The invitation has been sent, we will soon encounter the winners, GreenApp, on our premises for delivery of their prize. We will take this opportunity to update this article.


And you, what do you think of the event and the Startup Weekend concept?



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