The security of your emails, is it important?

As you could see, fax service is almost gone. Currently, only government services, some companies, and some individuals are using. This service has been replaced with messaging solutions. This leads us to ask the following question:


Is it important to have a secure messaging?

There was a time when letters by traditional courier were essential for communication. Now, in seconds, it is possible to transmit dozens of pages to our destination. This transmission of information has become essential for the functioning of all companies regardless of size. It is also noted that the confidentiality of certain communications can change the turn of several events. Yet millions of people trust companies that provide email addresses for free. We can think of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. Did you know that the content of the messages is viewed and recorded by robots to choose advertisements tailored to their personality type, their purchase online, their lifestyle, etc?

At PlanetHoster, we believe that you can secure your information transmissions for a small fee. Our Zimbra messaging solution allows you to have a professional email hosting service, but most of all confidential. We fully protect your content and do not sell any information to third parties.




Since the launch of our premium email service, professional firms (doctors, accountants, lawyers, etc.), educational institutions and government agencies rely on PlanetHoster for their messaging. So, what do you expect to benefit from a safe solution, redundant, fast and simple use?

This premium email solution allows you to benefit from a reliable anti-spam, storage 15 GB per box email, unlimited aliases, and more. PlanetHoster has brought together the best elements in designing this high-performance email infrastructure both at a network and server level.

Whether you have a hosting solution at PlanetHoster or with another provider, it is easy to opt for premium messaging solution PlanetHoster. Simply enter the MX PlanetHoster to your domain DNS level. Our technical support is at your disposal 24/7 and you will be functional within a few minutes.


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