What’s new in the backstage PlanetHoster?

It has been too long that I have nothing published on the blog … almost 6 months!

“Really? Were you on vacation all this time!?” I reassure you right away, we haven’t been lazying around! On the contrary, we have been working hard!

Well … here’s what’s new:

1- “Supercharged” Internet Network
2- New FR infrastructure for backups
3- New infrastructure in Montreal
4- Anycast network + performance
5- New tutorial videos

1- “Supercharged” Internet Network

As you can imagine, we never take shortcuts. Perfection is impossible, we do our best to approach it!

The network is the most important element. It connects our infrastructure to the world. Without it, we would be isolated :).

Perfection in terms of networking is connecting our infrastructure to the world via the shortest path (latency) while ensuring that the road in question is as perfect as possible (packets lost).

Let us imagine the network as highways and servers such as hotels. There are several highways that lead to a hotel. Logically, you will take the motorway which takes you to the hotel “as soon as possible”, in other words, the highway that takes you through the shortest distance. You also want the highway in question to not be too damaged or has traffic jams. That makes sense right?

In short: Distance = latency , State of highway = % de packets lost . You see networking is not too different from real life 🙂

Even though at PlanetHoster the “hotels” are 5 stars, we are very careful that the highways are maintained as such also! Lately, in addition to increasing the number of premium highways and installation of security systems (Anti DDoS), we set up a system to verify the status of each motorway automatically. Our hotels, meaning our servers, are reachable via the highway and the closest one having the best condition. In short, your visitors connect to your website via the most optimal way possible. They are constantly guided by our device so that they borrow the best possible way. This is an advantage on Google and you get more visits, increase your turnover etc.! Awesome, is not it ?!

2- New backups infrastructure FR

Did you know that our shared hosting, resellers, e-commerce, and VPS are 100% backed up localized on our infrastructure in an external data center? And yes, you can go up to 20 days! The backups infrastructure is connected via several links to our main 10Gbps infrastructure. The flow is very fast.

Recently, we added nearly 400 TB enterprise storage backups infrastructure FR!

We are one of the few hosting companies to offer this for free!

3- New infrastructure in Montreal

We have completely redesigned the infrastructure of Montreal. Just like Paris, it contains the latest PlanetHoster technology.

Advanced anti-DDoS system, Premium Internet, DNS Anycast and more. We will issue a press release when the infrastructure will be fully finalized 🙂

4- Anycast network + performance

“Quality is not an option at PH!” By default, PlanetHoster’s DNS is fully Anycast. They will appear in both Europe and North America!

This increases the speed of your website.

This too is completely free! Awesome right?

5- New tutorial videos

Having a quality product without quality support is useless. This is why we work every day to offer a 24/7 quality support.

We have created a Youtube channel where we publish video tutorials:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8r1yW3wk0YGD1lB0ZKW5xQ . Do not hesitate to consult it!

Well, we finished the tour! Many other new features are coming 🙂


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