Unleash the power of your server (PHP-FPM, and OPcache PHP7)

“Reduce server response time”, first-byte time / First byte, TTBF, Start display, …

This phrase or words you’ve seen too often and we always recommend you to best optimize your CMS / Module/themes / SQL queries, or also the fact of passing to HTTPS reduces the loading time because of encryption ? You need all the functionality without compromise, you have therefore turned to a CDN system or a cache module? These systems are, however, they are also some disadvantages and make your website static…. STOP this time is over!



It is today that cPanel has to offer you a technology that offers more performance than before to know PHP-FPM! This system is available in cPanel 60 (currently in the third CURRENT) For information PHP-FPM is up to 7 to 10 times more efficient than a conventional configuration!

Our technicians have a certain number of tests on clients with high traffic and the results are very conclusive in terms of performance/resources/speed flexibility:


A new feature on EasyApache 4 is in addition to PHP-FPM; it is to have multiple versions of PHP on the same server as the PHP-Selector which is already installed on shared environmental / shared. It is therefore quite possible that PHP5.3 and PHP7 coexist on the same VPS or HybridCloud.

How to change?

WHM >> Update Preferences >> Select “CURRENT” to choose the version 60 >> SAVE

WHM >> Upgrade to Latest Version

WHM >> EasyApache 4 >> Use the migration system

WHM >>  MultiPHP Manager / Choose ea-PHP70 and PHP-FPM to On !

should you require help for passing EasyApache 4 and PHP-FPM, our technicians are at your disposal.


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