“We rip the competition” – Slogan Explained

“We rip the competition”

Have you gone mad? This is the question we get asked often!

Relax, we are still sane 🙂

So why have a “cruel” slogan like that!?

Whoever says a company, says slogan, do they not? Admit that a society without a slogan is very “ordinary”!

The primary purpose of a slogan is to attract attention.

We could simply choose a common slogan like most web hosts like “Quality First” … nevertheless, we wanted to differentiate ourselves, show that we are not like the hundreds of other web hosts!

You then ask why “rip” our brothers and sisters from other hosts just so you “distinguish” yourself? Far from our goal, do not worry!


Our slogan is rather a hyperbole to show that we hold dear our customers, so that we surpass ourselves every day to provide a better service than our competitors.

In a world dominated by words, we try to distinguish ourselves by our actions. We are far from perfect. However, for our many efforts, we believe we are able to offer a quality service. Earning your trust is a daunting task and we continually do our best for this trust to continue.


To excel is a corporate culture. Our primary goal is to always do better than our competitors to satisfy our clients.



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