Why is the “about us” page important for your website?

The “about us” page is of particular interest to the user. It is the page that your new visitor will visit if he wants to learn more about you and your company. Too often, this page is neglected, even neglected, and pushes the user to find answers to his questions through other sources. When well written, these pages can allow you to reflect your values, and your personality, while giving the basic information they are intended to provide. Here are some tips for writing quality “about us” pages.


What is an “about us” page?


The primary purpose of an “about us” page is to explain your business. It should allow you to highlight:

  • Catchy texts, more “catchy” than an “about” classic.
  • A description of your missions.
  • A clear description of your company and your contribution to your main customers.
  • Strong visuals about your activities, which make you want to come to you.
  • Videos, figures, or any other content likely to enhance your company.
  • In general, your “about us” page should be accessible from your footer or header menu.


Why is the “about us” page important?



All companies need to promote their business and values
to differentiate itself from the competition. The “about us” page is an excellent way to do your storytelling. Use this page to express your uniqueness in order to gain the loyalty of your customers. If your story is strong enough and well told, you will strengthen your clients’ sense of belonging.

An “about” page combined with an effective website can completely change the users’ perspective.


Examples of inspiring “about us” pages




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