Your hosting compatible with HTTP 2 standard

Did you know that our plans for shared hosting / E-commerce and resellers have now successfully transitioned to the HTTP/2?

From the beginning 2015, the majority of browsers support HTTP / 2 protocol; So it is now up to the server to adapt! This system will completely replace in the coming years the current version ie HTTP1 / 1 which has been running for almost 20 years.

What does this mean?

Specifically, with this system, your site will load much faster because the standard is much more optimized and designed for more security. You will see again between 5 and 25% depending on the design of your site. (For example, you can make a small performance test here or here)

The main improvement is made at the connection management level, this new version of your browser will no longer open a separate socket for loading Javascript resources, CSS, images …


If we look with a little more detail, your browser will spend several elements/queries in the same connection.


The benefits, however, are many:

  • Less resources-heavy requests for bandwidth thanks to a header compression.
  • Better management of TCP sockets through multiplexing
  • Cache system through push system
  • Increased performance HTTPs
  • Integration of SPDY protocol designed by Google
  • ….

This update entails no update at your PHP code or your CMS, it is directly managed by the Web server and browser.

You can check whether your site been updated via this site: or via

At the VPS and dedicated server infrastructure level, this protocol will be gradually and automatically deployed in the month of December. No downtime is to be expected, just more performance!


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