Q3 2022 — Latest developments for PlanetHoster customers

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In the following lines, we will discuss the most recent advances in the development of our suite of tools. The main one is without a doubt the deployment of the domain management in version 2 (V2), an ergonomic interface that has been extremely well received by our customers.

Before getting into the heart of this blog, we would like to remind you that we know that it is crucial to satisfy our customers whose needs are constantly changing, so we encourage them to enter their ideas via the link https://features.planethoster.com. In addition, we know that customer satisfaction depends on the skills of our staff, which is why we are always on the lookout for talent to join our team. Please feel free to send us your resume! Our featured positions are posted on this page: https://www.planethoster.com/en/Carrieres.

New Domains Management section in V2

PlanetHoster is an ICANN accredited registrar. Thus, we offer all existing extensions for domain names, without intermediaries.

Therefore, to help our customers in the management of their domain(s), PlanetHoster’s customer area is now equipped with a platform designed for this purpose in V2.

The interface in question is divided into two distinct windows:

  1. Domains interface.
  2. Details interface.

Domains Interface Overview

This interface gives access to an overview of the domains and also allows you to manage several domains at the same time.

Thus, the interface allows you to see, for each of your domains at PlanetHoster, the date of the next invoice, its status (active, canceled, pending or suspended), ID protection (enabled or disabled) and lock (enabled or disabled). The interface also allows you to manage multiple domains at once. Finally, with a single click, it is possible to access the details of a specific domain.

To access this interface:

  1. Enter the following address in your web browser: https://my.planethoster.com.
  2. Go to MY SERVICES > My Domains:
  1. The domains are displayed on the right (the Domains command in the left panel also gives access to this interface):
  1. The Actions drop-down list allows you to process multiple domains at once, whether you want to renew them, lock them, change the name servers or even change the WHOIS information of contacts:

Details Interface Overview

The Details interface allows you to manage a specific domain. Among other things, you can change nameservers, define WHOIS information and enable or disable locking. This is just a glimpse of the vast possibilities at your disposal!

It can be accessed as follows:

  1. In the Domains interface, locate the domain you are interested in and click on the gear icon :
  1. The Details interface for the selected domain will appear. Here is the upper part of the interface, as an example (the domain name appears in the upper left corner, in blue):

The knowledge base will be updated very soon to provide the required details. In the meantime, we suggest that you browse the interface to discover the possibilities. Our technical support team will be able to help you if needed.


PlanetHoster VPN will be upgraded to version 2 very soon.

Automation of the Migration from cPanel to N0C is in Progress

The largely automated migration process has been progressing well for over 3 months now. Customers who have chosen this have been able to do so without difficulty, especially since our highly experienced technicians have been able to assist them when asked.

We still plan to make the tool eventually self-service, so that customers can switch through the platform in an automated way. It will also be possible to migrate accounts from a The World (shared) offering to a dedicated N0C (HybridCloud) solution.

The paragraph “Quelle différence par rapport à cPanel” (What’s the difference compared to cPanel) in the “Nouveautés 2021 – Bienvenue à la plateforme d’hébergement N0C” (What’s new in 2021 – Welcome to the N0C hosting platform) blog provides a lot of useful information to know. Please note this blog is available in French only.

HybridCloud on N0C

N0C is currently only available on The World web hosting platform. According to our latest predictions, it will also be available for HybridCloud dedicated servers in the summer of 2022.

Future Content Delivery Network (CDN)

While our customers generally do not require a CDN, each site is different.

So, if your site receives DDOS (brute force) attacks quite often or if it has a high traffic while you want to stay on shared hosting, among other things, you need to use cloudflare. To make your life easier in cases like these, we are about to set up a permanent CDN.

And it Continues!

Our team is continuously working on many projects, some of which will be completed very soon. For example:

  • The File Manager is currently in beta testing.
  • A functionality allowing to change the passwords of emails in Roundcube, also in beta testing, will be soon in production.
  • PHP version 8.1 will be added to the choices available in N0C.
  • PostgreSQL is also added to the development schedule.


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