Q4 2022 — Latest Developments for PlanetHoster Customers

In our October blog, we discuss the formalization of the DENIC accreditation and the .eco TLD. We also present the most recent advances in the development of our suite of Web tools, whether for domain management or hosting. So many services and tools are always available at very interesting rates, sometimes even free, and you can benefit from advantageous offers!

Before we begin, we would like to remind you that we are aware that satisfying our customers’ ever-changing needs is crucial, so we encourage them to give feedback and enter their ideas for new features via the link https://features.planethoster.com. In addition, as a hosting service provider and designer, we know that customer satisfaction depends on the skills of our staff; this is why we are always looking for talent to join our team. Please feel free to send us your resume! Our featured positions are posted on this page: https://www.planethoster.com/en/Carrieres.

DENIC Accreditation Now Official

Since the founding of DENIC in 1986, with more than 17 million domains, the “.de” — Germany’s national TLD, “.de” standing for Deutsche — has become one of the most important national top-level domains in the world. At present, almost 300 members from more than 20 countries are registered in the DENIC organization. In addition, there are about 100 employees at the head office.

PlanetHoster is now part of this great adventure: the DENIC accreditation is official!

The fact that we can now officially register domains with the “.de” TLD is an important milestone for us. To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a promotion: we are selling every “.de” domain for 1 euro!

The knowledge base will soon be updated to detail the specific conditions in Germany.

.eco Extensions

If you care about the planet, an .eco domain name is a great way to show it. PlanetHoster can help you with this, as we can officially register domains with the “.eco” TLD.

Whether it is for your company, your non-profit organization or for yourself, two conditions are necessary to be eligible to obtain a .eco domain:

  1. Commit to a sustainable future.
  2. Be prepared to disclose the environmental actions you are taking.

File Manager

Our file manager is now deployed in production.

You can trust it in all the steps of managing your documents on the Web, whether they are in html or in various other formats. The type of interface is ergonomic and intuitive, so that our customers can easily adopt it for the management of a file or a folder (directory).

It is worth mentioning that the Toggle shell command opens the terminal, which gives access to the command line server.

The File Manager article in the N0C knowledge base provides the details needed to make the most of this new interface.

Automation of the Migration from cPanel to N0C is in Progress

The largely automated migration process has been progressing well for over 6 months now. Customers who have chosen to do so succeded without difficulty, as our highly experienced technicians have been able to assist them when asked.

We still plan to make the tool eventually self-service, so that customers can switch through the platform in an automated way.

The paragraph “Quelle différence par rapport à cPanel” (What’s the difference compared to cPanel) in the “Nouveautés 2021 – Bienvenue à la plateforme d’hébergement N0C” (What’s new in 2021 – Welcome to the N0C hosting platform) blog provides a lot of useful information to know. Please note this blog is available in French only.

Knowledge Base

PlanetHoster’s tools offer a lot of possibilities. For our new customers, even though the interface is user-friendly, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

With that in mind, we have produced a new article called PlanetHoster Client Area in a Nutshell. New PlanetHoster customers should ideally start by reading this high-level user manual, which provides a quick tour of a very important part of our tools: https://kb.planethoster.com/en/guide/how-the-planethoster-customer-area-works/.

While we work hard to keep our knowledge base up to date in both English and French, we are aware that some articles need to be corrected and in some cases even removed due to their obsolescence. We encourage you to send us your suggestions as, after all, the knowledge base is there to make your life easier.

Eventually, we will add explanatory videos to the knowledge base.

Big Things can Come in Small Sizes

At a time when the climate is slowly but surely deteriorating, against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and worrying international tensions, every small gesture counts to preserve the environment.

When we use the Internet, whether with our computer or our smartphone, we pollute the planet more. Indeed, the servers are powered by electricity and are kept in huge air-conditioned rooms: consequently, the more they are solicited by Internet users, the more electricity the servers consume. As some countries still produce electricity with nuclear or coal-fired power plants, the servers installed there obviously have a negative impact on the environment.

However, the Internet being an integral part of our lives, we cannot do without it. What about the vital importance of websites for any company, as your visitors are more and more demanding? Even the most convinced environmental and nature protection activists are constantly using their smartphones! So what can be done to solve such a paradox — or at least what seems to be a paradox?

Fortunately, there are simple solutions. Among others, if your website is hosted on one of PlanetHoster’s servers located in Laval, near Montreal, you are helping to preserve our planet. And why? Simply because Quebec produces green electrical energy (hydro-electric)!

PlanetHoster’s servers are selected according to their energy efficiency, performance and consumption; even for data centers located in France and Switzerland, one of PlanetHoster’s priorities is to use electricity from 100% renewable energy. And what about the virtual hosting solutions and plans we design for you; because it is well known that a virtual server consumes less energy.

Trusting us to host your website is a win-win choice for you and the environment!

PlanetHoster : A Trusted Partner

Speaking of trust, PlanetHoster ranks among the best domain name and server providers, hosting companies and hosting solution designers, at very competitive prices compared to the competition. If you want to transfer to us and reduce the risk of errors in the process, we are here to help you during the transfer and configuration, step by step.

So many terms and concepts are now part of the IT landscape. SEO with Google, register a domain name, reputable hosting service, well-positioned web page, host, disk, mail, wordpress hosting, website hosting. Configure, upload, view, select and create a website. Reading and writing files and data. Not to mention the acronyms: PHP, DNS, FTP, PHPmyAdmin, CPU, VPS, SSL, etc. At PlanetHoster, your language is literally our domain! With us, you are in the land of knowledge.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Our team is continuously working on many projects, some of which will be completed very soon.

N0C Availability on HybridCloud

N0C is currently only available on The World web hosting platform. According to our latest predictions, we will also offer it for HybridCloud dedicated servers in the fall. This is a major breakthrough for PlanetHoster in the world of web hosting.

It will then naturally be possible to migrate accounts from a The World offering to a HybridCloud hosting solution.

As a reminder, the HybridCloud plan is a dedicated hosting service for web professionals who need high performance and greater flexibility than shared hosting, while being supported by PlanetHoster’s support team, free of charge and at all times. This solution offers you several advantages over cloud server, such as complete isolation of your resources on a dedicated HybridCloud and the ability to increase the available resources at any time. And this, at more than competitive rates, considering the return on investment of our hosting plan, whether in terms of performance, access to several CMS (like WordPress and PrestaShop), security or storage space!

Upgrade to VPN V2

The PlanetHoster VPN will be upgraded to version 2 very soon. To be continued…

Future Permanent CDN

While our customers generally do not require a Content Delivery Network (CDN), each site is different.

So, if your sites receive DDOS (brute force) attacks quite often or if they have a high traffic but you want to stay on a shared site, among other things, you have to use cloudflare. To make your life easier in cases like these, we are about to set up a permanent CDN.

Another reason to choose a web host in Canada, France and Switzerland like PlanetHoster.

And it continues!

It would take too long to list all our projects. Ideas abound at PlanetHoster. Here are some of them:

  • A functionality allowing to change the passwords of the emails in Roundcube, in beta-test, will be soon in production.
  • N0C CMS will also arrive soon in beta-test phase.
  • Memcached will be added to the choices available in N0C.
  • Other SQL engines will be added to the development schedule.
  • A brand new interface for the MY SERVICES section is being designed.
  • We will proceed with a complete redesign of the PlanetHoster website (https://www.planethoster.com/en/).


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